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Best Bikes Ever...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, May 26, 2006.

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  3. Triumph

    Drum brakes
    Lucas Electrics
    Built on jigs and dies that were 30 years old
    Oil leaks

    Heavier than the Z900

    Best ever??

    Hardly, although they are great line drawings :grin:
  4. The Z1 (the Z900 was the later twin disk version) was arguably one of the few bikes that shaped the course of motorcycle design, but it isn't actually a great bike in and of itself (I had one).

    As for Triumph thier days of glory were much earlier when they brought out the first affordable 500cc parallel twin, but the early 60's every one and thier dog were doing it.
  5. How many people are there on this forum?

    that's how many different bikes we'll get posted... :LOL:

    Personally I think the original CB450 Honda DOHC twin was one of the most influential. (I'm not prejudiced - I've owned 3 :LOL: )

    It was the biggest bike to come out of Japan at that time and left 99% of other bikes on the market for dead. Including most bikes up to 750cc.

    (that and the original Honda stepthrough - the "you meet the nicest people" one. That was really responsible for getting thousands of people onto motorcycles and cleaning up the image.

    (Physically cleaning it up I mean. It meant you finally had a two wheeler that you could get off at the other end without being covered in oil) :LOL:

    Probably the next most influential was the original CB750 which was streets ahead of most other big bikes.

    My personal favourites though are

    the 3 1/2 Morini - just for the looks

    The R90S BMW for the sheer rideability and the (then) outrageous colour scheme.


  6. My top 3 most influential motorcycles:

    1. Honda CB750
    2. Ducati 916*
    3. Honda RC30

    These 3 bikes all caused a huge stir when released that was going to shape the way bikes were built for decades to come.

    * I said influential not reliable!
  7. best bike is always the one you own at the time :)
  8. And it appears that's what's being said about the daytona 675 of present :grin:
  9. Tony maybe time has left the memory a bit blurred,450 honda :LOL: I had 2 of them and you must have been dreaming that they blew off 750's. Clearly the z900 was the best bike and there has been nothing since that had so much influence and extra punch that its copetators at the time. And yes i still have one :grin:
  10. Hard to argue with Tony about the CB450, but also how about the Suzuki 500 Titan, albeit a two-stroke, a mightily influential bike?
  11. The most influential bike of all time for ME is:


    1973 R90 BMW

    My grandfather rode this across Europe and this is what has inspired me to start riding, it's also the reason I waited until I was 39 he got side swiped on it and died at 85 in Finland.

  12. When they came out the 750's they were competing against were things like the Norton Atlas etc. We're not talking about 750 Japanese bikes here - at that time there were none :LOL: The DOHC and torsion bar valve springs on the 450 technology were streets ahead of the Poms. The marvellous Z1 was years later.

    Hornet - the Titan/Cobra etc was a lovely bike in all of its incarnations.
    I only ever rode one once for a test ride.

    Did you ever ride a Bridgestone 350 GTR?


    Very interesting to ride - lots of go with a top speed of 105mph but a bit light on the front end (I had a friend who had one).

  13. 1963 Bonny.....oh my dog. Funny how the biggest heap of steaming guano can become a great bike with time. There are two types of people who treasure bikes like the 63' Bonneville these days. Those who wanted one when they were young and didn't get one, so they didn't learn what a heap of crap they were. And those too young to remember them, who are happy to fantasize about ‘ton up boys’, ‘rockers’ and all the other clichés, but actually only ride them 200 k's a year to rallies, to be polished and admired.

    Anybody who actually had one when they were new is immune to the nostalgia virus, and knows that the bloody thing was about as useful as a chocolate teapot.
  14. Totall untrue Inci...

    You can at least EAT a chocolate teapot.. :LOL: :LOL: