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Best bike to learn on

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Thruxton, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Once I'm off resrtictions I'm buying a Triumph Thruxton, but until then what 250cc bike would be a good one to learn one considering he bike i want to get later. I don't like the 250cc so called sprts bikes CBR's etc as they a tine litte cramped 15 year old bikes, I would pefer something that's going to be a little like the bike I want to get later.


  2. Cafe Racer 250? Dunno about that, but a nice naked 250 is the vtr250, and looks sexy to boot!
  3. Spadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspada ;)
  4. Considering your liking of Thruxton have a look at Royal Enfield, if you are in one of LAMS states Enfields are legal for learners despite being 500cc. Or one of Yamaha SRs - 500 or 400... or 250, if you are limited to 250cc. Like this one
    Disclaimer: I'm not associated with the seller in any way.
  5. The only problem is the Bullet Royal Enfields are hardly advertised on the second hand market, at least here in Vic. They are also $8240 ride away which is pretty expensive for a first bike.

    I would get a CB250. Its comfortable, very easy to ride and the power will not scare you.
  6. Vtr250. I could see myself riding that in the future..
  7. Thanks for the replies. Gives me some bikes to look at
  8. Well I thought I'd seen every variation of the "which 250 bike is right for me" thread... I actually clicked in to see whether I could bait VTRElmarco into clicking in... coz I know if he sees one more "which 250" thread like the 1000 others - this was going to be the reaction:


    But I gotta hand it too ya, this is an original!

    I guess the spada is a good option considering your preferred bike.


    Welcome to the board. :)
  9. You sir, are a wise man. Welcome.

    I would recommend a Spada since it would be the closest to a Thruxton, but they too are getting long in the tooth.

    Honestly, you cannot go wrong with a VTR.