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Best bike mags

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scrambles, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Hello all again
    Just a quick Q: What are some peoples fav bike mags? I've been scouting around and (At least here) they seem pretty limited in number. The best read I've had thus far is Two Wheels., pretty infomative, a little pro raceing and interesting stories...kinda like this forum I guess.

    Her: "Oh I see you got yourself another one of your bike magazines...?
    Me: "Sure did hon!"
    Her "I don't suppose you picked up the rest of the shopping...?"
    Me "Ahhhhh, about that..." :grin:

  2. Austrailian Road Rider is my main read with AMCN and Two Wheels bought if there is an article on a bike I'm interested in.
  3. AMCN for me every two weeks, problem is I read it cover to cover in a day so there are 13 days of re-reading. C'mon Wed 12th...........
  4. I am only new to motorcycling (dont have a bike yet though) The best one I have found is Superbike, it's a UK mag, has good write ups on new bikes. I am still checking out others, but haven't found many others that like they're worth reading. I also find that the variety of bike mags in most newsagencies is limited, so it's hard to find the one place that has a full selection to choose from.
  5. Yeah exactly, I can't for the life of me find more than 2 road bike mags in the same store. The free mag you pick up at the stores is pretty good to.
  6. Two Wheels and AMCN for me.
    I couldn't pick a better mag between the two. Two Wheels is shinier :LOL: , but I also think more expensive :?:
  7. i think rapid is very good mag for glossy pictures and interestung articles--- ranging from test rides to regular editorials from andrew pitt, :grin: shawn giles, wazza, etc , tweaked bikes section and a section also a section featured dedicated to stuntin----:)
  8. AMCN has the occasional good tech article, the best /exclusive bikes around the world are tested by Sir Al, and good coverage of bike sports.
  9. I always buy AMCN, I often buy Two Wheels. And I have a subscription to Aust Road Rider.

    Of the rest, I like the UK mag TWO and buy it quite often. Otherwise I just browse.
  10. AMCN and Two Wheels are must haves for me. :)
  11. So i'm not insane (Or blind): the only two mags on the shelf are the only ones worth reading...
  12. Skippy magazines I read Road Rider and Rapid, but best two for me are bothpommie mags, Superbike and Two.
  13. All the brit mags are 10X better than all the Aussie ones.

    TWO, Fast Bikes, Bike, Ride - Aussie mags are too safe and boring.
  14. keep a look out for RIDE it's a pommy mag ,but i seem to read alot more in there then other mags .
    It has the normal bike tests ,buying used bike tips ,great reviews on gear ,like this week they tested 20 rain suits .
    They do alot of ,rideing tips .
  15. the Brit mags are better - Bike, Two and Ride.

    The gear comparisons and bike reviews are much better.
  16. ARR & Motorcycle Trader.
  17. I used to get a British mag called BIKE which I thought was pretty good. Can't seem to find it any more except on a couple of sites asking for $176 or so for a year's subscription
  18. Rapid is awesome. Love it.
  19. dito i read rapid as well
  20. I have a subscriotion to Road Rider, lots of reading and more than two fawning letters in the letters section each edition.

    BIKE is a must, never read a dull edition, and anyway, I'd buy it just for OGRI :LOL: