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Best bike mag?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kransky.dan, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. hey all,
    looking to expand my knowledge of bike and riding. One part of this is getting into bike mags, so I need to know the best mag (arguably) for learning sports bikes pls.

    Another thing has any done the advanced riding course at mallala (SA)?
    My GF got me a voucher for them, wanted to know how you went.
    Im looking at doing the lvl2 course, as she was advised that lvl 1 is for the real basics.

    Thanks all
  2. Two British mags are head and shoulders above the Aussie bike press at the moment: Two Wheels and Bike magazines.

    Huge, full of riding tips as well as bike tests and product ads/reviews, and written with genuine flair and humour. They're expensive but well worth it, I read every issue I fid 6 or 7 times over on the shitter :)
  3. Loz, by "Two Wheels" you mean "TWO", I think. ("TWO" = "Two Wheels Only"). Not to be confused with the Oz mag "Two Wheels".

    And yeah, I agree with you. :)
  4. Ah yep thanks Clive you're right.

    Of the Aussie mags, Two Wheels and AMCN are pretty good... I guess Rapid is too... They're just not "great," particularly if you've been spoiled by the fantastic photography, layout, design, writing, features and personalities of the UK mags.

    Oh, by the way, all US bike mags are shithouse, and I can't work out why.
  5. Probably the same reason (whatever it is) all US car mags are shithouse.

    The best Yank car mag is online: Winding Road.
  6. FAST BIKES cos them boy's actually can ride :shock:
  7. one of the best for sports bikes ....is free on the 'net

    great tech articles..good bike reviews

    hth :cool:
  8. I just had a good look at a few new releases down at Borders and it struck me that Bike is more everyday rider focused, they tend to ask their readers to contribute on nearly every article, which is fantastic. TWO is more focused on hardarses like Niall Mackenzie and James Whitham's opinions on things. Fast Bikes, well yeah, they're all f*cken nutbag hooligans, so the features are sensational. I don't like the rest of that mag much though.

    ...Althoough it does have boobies. And I like those.
  9. Valid point. :LOL:

    I personally read TWO (Two Wheels Only) and Two Wheels. Both good mags I reckon, all though I do find with Two Wheels, some issues I get a bit bored with... but overall, I like it...
  10. I like fastbikes, ok to read. Good pictures, and you sometimes get free stuff, like stickers. Superbike is good aswell. Both fairly expensive compared to the aussie mags, but I dont like the aussie mags at all.
  11. For touring stuff, Australian Roadrider is pretty good. Comes out every two months. I also read Two Wheels. I read TWO once and while the content was good, it was TOO pommy for me.
  12. Aussie - Rapid
    O/S - TWO

  13. yep I agree with you there mate....tried that live to ride but found that apart from some very stylish Harleys that there was stuff all else.

    Australian Road Rider is my fav choice
  14. IMO Two Wheels is the best followed by TWO.

    I prefer Two Wheels cause its aussie and you know where there talking about most of the time and prices/availability of product reviews and adds are relevant.

    When i read TWO and their talking about places or tracks their at i have no idea...
  15. i found a book that is really good.. it's name start with motor can't remember the last name
    the title of the book is in a box on top left