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Best bike for heavy learner?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MIchealH, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to buy a LAMS approved bike for when I get my licence.
    Zero experience, mainly intend on riding for fun and maybe occasional freeway travel/commuting but no offroad riding.

    Problem is I'm tallish and heavy, 6'2" and ~120kg, and some of the bikes look a tad small and cramped for me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on bike selection and recommendations on where to get gear that is larger than normal sizes?

  2. Any of the bigger capacity LAMS bikes should suit. I'm 6'2" and 100kg and I fit the Suzuki GS500 no problem, and it has no problem getting along fine with my weight including highway speeds. GS500 $7990 new + orc.

    If the budget can stretch the 2 new Suzuki 650 LAMS bikes (not yet approved in VIC but should be soon) would also be worth looking at for $9990 new + orc.
  3. +1 for the GS500. I'm 6'1" and find it comfortable and it has no problems with the combined weight of me and my wife which is about 140kg.
  4. Depending on your budget there is a whole range of LAMS approved bikes you will fit no problems.
    The CB400 looks like a nice bike if it's styling is for you.

    You should be ok on some of the naked 250's too and with your lack of experience you wont notice the lack of zip.

    EDIT: Welcome to NR too.
  5. Although some of the bigger capacity LAMS bike's are great, don't discount some of the naked 250's as previously mentioned. I've been riding a Honda Hornet 250cc (1996) and i'm about 6 foot and 115kg. Have had no problems as a daily commuter (ride to work everyday), runs down the Great Ocean Road almost every weekend (weather permitting) and the occasional freeway ride between Geelong and Melbourne (about 75kms). Once you learn that bikes like the hornet are designed to rev and rev and rev (good for close to 16,000rpm) i've found that the 250 Hornet can do just about anything, even with a big bloke on it. You won't be as comfortable on the highway as its naked and you won't beat your mates on 1000cc sports bikes through Forest (i've tried and failed), but you will love it around the city and on the twisty bits.
  6. Be unique, go the gas turbine!


    Or just get a GS500.
  7. I have a GS500F. im a big bloke and it fits well. Easy to throw about & enough power to learn on as im finding out.