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Best bike for fun *legal speeds*

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by davidp1984, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this has come up before.

    So, what bike is most fun to ride at legal speeds?

    My bike (cbr600f) is no fun at legal speeds. Sitting in 3rd gear at 60 is a millisecond before powerband, so with a slight twist of the wrist you get the beautiful induction sound begging you to hammer it some more.

    I have a pretty cruisey commute so that 'slight twist of the wrist' happens a fair bit. I like cruising in 3rd because I find it the best balance at around 60-100 as 2nd is too twitchy and 4th a bit sluggish if I need to power out.

    I like riding and I also like my license and it's only a matter of time before I get done, so would like to get something that will keep me happy at legal speeds but still with enough get up and go to hoon when I want.

    I'm a bit of a slut, so am open to all brands/types of bikes, except Hyosung etc.
  2. Aprilia RS125, fun as hell in those speeds but not enough umph to go warp :)..........

    Youd be busy shifting and redlining it at even sane speeds, and the sound and smell is delicious :)....................
  3. Well, at least he's honest! 8-[

    In all seriousness... Ninja 250 or the Aprilia RS125. :]

  4. 400-600cc single cyl motard I guess. I found the 600f to be pretty gutless until you got near reddline, and the power came on in such a linear way that its not particularly exciting. Maybe try a vtwin of similar capacity, they are much happier cruising along and you can have a laugh giving little blips of throttle without doing 200 over the limit. I changed back to twins for this reason.
  5. Husqvarna 510 sm
  6. They way speed limits are heading these days... A push bike.. and even then with all the 40 zones and talk of 30's you'd still get pinged!
  7. FJR1300 is great at legal speeds and fantastic at illegal speeds.
  8. Is there even such a thing as "fun at legal speeds"? Maybe a SuMo would be good for what you want?
  9. Definately a 'Tard. Although that is no guarantee you license will stay intact, 'cause if you're anything like me (retard on a motard) you'll be pulling mono's and stoppies every set of traffic lights you encounter.
  10. Had heaps of fun on a borrowed Ninja 250, But at 'slightly' above, still love my Z1000.
    2nd gear will take you from stopped to 140 & anything inbetween (3rd best for the twisties though)
  11. I would say an old ninja ZX2R or CBR250RR would be a hoot but a bit painful to commute on in traffic etc although Ive never ridden either of them.
  12. Got to agree with some of the previous posts, its hard to beat a motard for smiles on the dial at legal (or there abouts) speeds. My choice is the Husky 450 smr
  13. Newish 125 stroker, oldish (70s) 250/350 stroker, motard as others have said or, given a decent budget and the inclination to do maintenance, a sorted Brit 650/750/850 twin on modern tyres.
  14. Try Marulan. I think they ping ya for going over 100km :)....................
  15. motard or a superduke would be great for that sort of thing.

    i have one of each to suit my mood...
  16. Defos a scooter
  17. It depends on what you mean by 'having fun.' Different people like different things. Some people get off on pottering around on stylish bikes like a Triumph Thunderbird. They check themselves out in shop windows and pull the clutch and give a rev in tunnels, and smirk their way along believing the rest of the world is watching them. I'm quite sure they enjoy it - but would you?
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  18. Hearing this sort of thing just makes me want less then a 250 even MORE...

    I can't think of anything LESS enjoyable then using something to only %35 of it's potential, and STILL have to worry about getting into trouble.

    Sure, you might have to "flog" a smaller bike to get it moving up to Legal HIGHWAY Speeds... but isn't that what IS enjoyable about Biking? Taking something to it's limits? if the limits be small... well.. Change the Fracking things... or work within them, imo
  19. In short, no.

    I love my bike, but I hoon. I'm looking for something that I can hoon on but within the speed limit (to a certain degree).

    I'm not a fan of the 250's like cbr, ninja etc. I like the acceleration of my 600.

    A motard seems the go. I'm thinking a motard for the road and a trackie, finances are the only thing stopping me from doing that. Superduke also sounds awesome but definitely above the amount I would be able to spend.

    Any other suggestions other than tard or 250's?
  20. Oh yes, if you're really looking for fun at legal speeds and can cope with an entirely different set of control inputs, try a reasonably powerful sidecar outfit. With only a year or so's practice you will be able to make passengers and onlookers scream with bowel loosening terror without exceeding 50km/h. Not sure if keeping the sidecar in the air for 10 kms at a stretch constitutes hooning although I'm fairly sure doing a 720 degree pirouette when approaching a stop sign on a wet road does :twisted:.