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best bike for a short Ars3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by outactrl, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    A mate of mine has decided to get a road/trail.
    Problem is he is a little Vertically challenged, if he tried to sit on a XR250, his feet would not touch a the ground.
    I remember a few years back i sat on a road/trail at a dealer in Queensland, and it would have been perfect for him, (cant remember the name of it thou, think it was white and purple,,, maybe....)
    So I know they are out there.

    Has to be second hand, so nothing new.

    Any help Appreciated.

    I got my new bike, 2003 R6, Sooooooooooooooo Sweet!!!!!
  2. DT 175 perhaps?
  3. The F650 beemer has a seat lower than the cagiva mito at 670mm, if he can't fit on that he's rooted.
  4. 670mm!!! Crikey, even a midget would be dragging his knees! :shock:
  5. And it is a seriosly nice looking bike.
  6. Plus I'm told it wheelies like the blazes. By all accounts it's an excellent bike.
  7. i have a friend and hes got to be under 160 and he rides a CBR600RR. He basically hangs his whole ass off the side when at lights. I just cant help myself from laughing.

    Im sure if he can at least put one for down he would be alright. Otherwise there is always the option of shaving the seat to lose some cms.

    Oh BTW congrats on the R6, just like mine :] what colour?

  8. ....it all about the wheelies....

    Do you think of anything else Loz? - not that I'm disagreeing, I like that train of thought....


  9. really? im 163.....this means i have the chance....but frm i can tell....its quite difficult rite?

    esp when reversing...
  10. I saw this chic in traffic next to me last friday, she was on a CBR600F4i.

    I know she was a chic with her helmet on because of her long hair, her handbag draped over her mirror and she looked across at me and the eyes said it all ! :grin:

    Anyway, she had 2in soles on her riding boots. :eek: so she can touch the ground.
    From looking at her she had a pretty small frame pretty much reaching right over to the handle bars. I also noticed she was reaching right over because her low cut Draggins exposing something guys like to see from the rear ! ;)

    . . . . talk about getting attention !
    Sportsbike + long brown hair waving from under the helmet + underwear exposure
    . . . . it got my attention !!, thank god for tinted visors ! :p

    The F650 . . thats the Scarba or something isn't it ??
    It has the petrol filler at the rear ???
  11. lol.....but im a guy....she's a gal......lol....
  12. I'm also very short lol, sitting on a TTR250 feels like I am riding a horse. But yeah as it was said before a DT175 or a XT230 or 250 might be your best bet. The XTs are really small but pack a mean punch.
  13. Is this plain F650 not F650GS?
  14. Nice bike, good to see you back on Outactrl, it's cheaper than playing inline hockey, huh? :)