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Best bike bargain you have ever seen !!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Badsi, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. G’day everybody -_-

    I have been looking for bikes and scooters on the net for a long time. In the last 12 months I have seen some really good deals !!!! The best was a Kawasaki Ninja 250cc, year 91, 31.000 on the clock, in good condition (this guy had like 12 pictures of the bike) for $2000!!!! I bid $2000 and a guy overbid me in the last 15 sec to $2001!!!! :( I got really SAD :D Still looking and hunting for a good deal :p What is your experience in that ??

    Greetings and have a nice long weekend :)

  2. Ebay for bikes/cars = Bad if you want something that is guaranteed to not need a lot of work. If you're going to bid on ebay, try to see the bike first. Heard the entire gauntlet, from bikes that have been wonderful and lasted years, to bikes that required more then the bid price on parts and labour to get the bike back on the road.
  3. Oh well .. I am not talking just about ebay ;) In my opinion ebay is OK if you have the right knowledge to check if the bike is in good condition. Of course you have to first take a look at the bike before you bid :) I prefer to spend $2000 - $2500 for a bike from Ebay than $5000 from a dealer .. There is a huge difference, isn’t it? Even if u spend $1000 on fixing it, what is not always the case, it is still cheaper. I am not taking about to buy a lemon .. just well looked after bikes :)
    Ps: I went to a dealer on Elizabeth street(Melbourne) and I saw many bike which are on ebay as well for $500 less. Similar bikes for more than $1000 less .. So it is not a rule *__*
  4. There are definitely some deals out there, but as rs101 says, eBay is pretty dangerous for a beginning bike buyer. Due to the way it operates, you often end up buying the bike sight unseen, with no real option of getting out of the deal if it's not as good as it looked in the ad (at least without getting bad rep points on eBay and finding it hard to buy anything else).

    Keep looking on bikesales, bikepoint and the trading post - you'll find something excellent for the available money (and keep saving while you're looking!) I'd strongly recommend getting a mechanic's check before agreeing to buy, personally.
  5. I had the impression that undisclosed negatives were grounds to cancel the deal or ask for the seller to pay for repairs
  6. Taing about e-bay... I purchased my 2004 Firestorm on ebay. The guy put on the add but forgot to put a reserve price and I bid before he got to fix it. He wanted at 9k and I got it for 6.5k Had it to the shop since then and they could not fault it. It didn't even have a scratch on it. I believe this was a really good buy.

    In saying that you do have to be careful what you buy on there, I have seen some things that look good but they are not worth the cost to place the add.
  7. A guy here in Wollongong got a GSX-R600, the one with the humpy seat (don't know what year model :oops:), on eBay for $4,000. Everyone seems to think that was a bargain.
  8. As with buying anythng, do your research. Find out what breaks, how much it costs to fix, KNOW WELL the prices used and for what condition.
    Then, just be patient, have your money ready to go, and pounce on the right bike.
    Bargains are out there, but only if you can recognise it as a bargain.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. If your willing to accept that something will probably need replacing then its fine to buy of ebay. i was looking on ebay for along time but then something else came up and snathed it up.

    For a hassle free bike best bet is to buy something at an average price with books and looks.
  10. I bought my 2007 model zx6r on Ebay for 11k not bad i think for a six month old bike with just over 1000k's!!!
  11. I think the warnings here about buying on ebay is based on the assumption the bidder is working purely on pics & perhaps a phone call. I reckon, unless a bike is really very cheap, serious buyers will always want to inspect before they buy. So if you inspect an ebay listing, it isn't different from buying thru other forms of advertisement.

    I sold my Virago on ebay, bought my current GS same way. And eyeing another bike as well ...

    1 Seller I contacted responded to my request for inspection - "The reason I sell on ebay and not elsewhere is so I don't have to show people around unnecessarily". I'd imagine he's still trying to sell his bike ...

    That said, there're dodgy Sellers who get their mate to bid in order to ramp up prices ...
  12. i got my 98 across for $950 it has 26k on the clock. about 600 to fix it up then 200 for rego so all in all

    $1750 for my bike WOOT WOOT
  13. Thats sounds like a good price for the ZX10R!

    Also not bad on the across with that kms.

    Im happy with what i paid for my bike and consider it a bargain.

    EDIT: Oh and the oil seal cost $10.
    EDIT2: Took out my little bable about how much i paid for my bike.
  14. I got my 2007 Gixxer thou with 13000kms for 12.5K with microns, a spare RK XW ring chain, K&N filter, Oggies etc. Know the bloke and how he treated it too so I got a fcuking bargain.
  15. I had been looking on ebay and found a few '00 ZX9R's for around the $7,000 mark. After adding the cost of a RWC and registration transfers, it was getting closer to $8,000, and that's provided I didn't need any repairs done.
    After going through a few shops, I found a '00 ZX9R advertised for $8,700, so I took it for a test ride. Loved the bike, and after a bit of haggling, got it done for $6,000. The shop did a RWC on it, gave me 1 month warranty and even paid the registration transfer costs.
    All in all, got one of the best deals around. Only had a bit of trouble with the cam-chain, and a small weld where the '00 ZX9R's are known to get cracks in the frame. So it seems the bike was in fairly good shape at the time.
    Also went looking on Ebay for other bikes, but the biggest thing that stopped me there was that people were either not willing to let me see the bike, or I could see it but not test ride it. Just makes you think, if they won't let me see or ride the bike, what is wrong with it?
  16. I know this chick who bought a 1998 Hornet 600 with only 24,000 kms on it for $4500, including ventura rack and made the guy throw in a set of boots to fit her dad too! what a bargain!

    unfortunately she then spent nearly $4000 on unneccessary but hot looking modifications, and is now poor.........
  17. what a way to screw up a good bargain. im so glad these kinds of people dont hang around these forums :p
  18. 3 weeks ago bought an 01 R1 for $5500 , needed new tyres ( was on racing slicks ) and even has rego.. just waiting for the transfer forms to get it into my name.

    Had been dropped at speed on the track , but he repaired 99% of it ( nosecone around headlights has small bit of plastic missing right on edge of light )

    Sold my 88 FZR750 for 2k unregistered , 70,000 on the clock , never gave any problems in the whole time i owned it , guy that bought it loves it!! ( and he knows he got it for a song! )
  19. My 2 Important things to remember:

    1. Go and check it out before you bid and before the auction ends or ask someone to check it out for you.

    2. Being Ebay, be prepared to be outbid. Unless it has a buy it now price, you have to be prepared to accept that you may not win.

    Good luck with it!
  20. Bargains? In Australia? Don't make me laugh.

    Having arrived here recently from the UK, and searching for a bike, I am torn between laughing, puzzlement and sheer frustration at the prices of the used bikes here. It is simply crazy.

    A 20 year old FZR for $2k?? Crazy, just crazy. You would be lucky to get $1,200 in the UK.

    A ten year old Hornet 600 for $4500!!! You could get a good condition, low miles K3-4 GSXR 600 for that money in the UK. Astonishing.

    Since I'm operating at the low end of the market - I just need a hack bike that works right now, costs a fair bit to move here - say $1,500 max, there is virtually nothing on offer. In the UK there is tons and tons of choice.

    In fact, a quick search on UK ebay reveals:

    - 1990 FZ750, good condition $1,400 - no bids on this since it's too expensive!
    - 1980 XJ650 for $600.
    - 1997 ZZR1100 for $1,000
    - 1992 Fireblade for $1,800 - looks a little scruffy, but low miles.

    I could even get a low miles 2000 SV 650 for $3,000.

    Prices are crazy here.