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Best big cheap mile-eater

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Still loving the Bandit. Still too skint to replace it, though it's 17 years old and well over 130,000 km. (Though we've got our debt from over $50k to about $12k in a couple of years, and will soon be totally out of debt (mortgage aside), which means we will have serious disposable income.)

    At the same time, my current job tends to require the 60-odd km each way commute from the Gold Coast to Brisbane at least one day a week and often two, and my next job is likely to require it 2-3 days a week.

    As such, I want something freeway-appropriate - a big sports-tourer - as my next bike.

    So I think the options are: ST1300, GTR1400, ZX14, Hayabusa, Blackbird, K1300S, FJR1300... that style of fing. Big motor, big fairing, ideally shaft drive.

    Less keen on the 1000-class things like the Triump Sprints... or the Bandits, for that matter (just for variety).

    Thing is, I probably really don't want to spend much more than 8 grand or so. Need to get my beloved a better bike, and to throw some at the mortgage, make some some flexibility in our lives.

    I'm on QLD and there do seem to be a few things about at the appropriate style/type/price that *haven't* done as many kays as the old Bandit. Maybe could stretch to $10k...

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  2. VFR?? You can get a ten-year old one real cheap, and they last forever
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  3. Hmm, will go for a dig, that's a great suggestion.
  4. Pretty hard to beat a Blackbird and for that sort of coin you could get a real cracker. A mate has had a ZX12R for ages and loves it, its fairly sporty but capable as a commuter and good fun as a weekend scratcher.
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  5. There's even one VFR1200 for 10 grand in QLD, which would be very nice. A Blackbird is well up the list, 'cos as you say they are ridiculously affordable for what they are.
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  6. Ninja 1000
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  7. I'd be looking at ex-plod Beemers meself. I still maintain that they're the cheapest and easiest litrebikes to run when you're looking at stuff more than, say, five years old.
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  8. I've heard they pretty much butcher the wiring looms, when removing all their cop gadgetry, prior to sale.
    Could be just vicious cop-hating scuttlebutt, though.
  9. Maybe. I'll admit that there's a lot more gear on cop bikes these days than in the era I have direct experience of. I suspect that long term electrical reliability is down to the individual who made good your particular bike. Being a pro auto electrician is no guarantee. Some of the worst hack jobs I've ser were the work of professionals.
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  10. #10 CraigA, Apr 18, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016
    The BMW K series bikes are supposed to be very good,long lived.
    Not sure you will get a K1300S in your budget but what about something like this:
    2005 BMW K 1200 GT (1171) for sale

    Heated grips/seat and cruise as a bonus.
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  11. FJR1300 would be an excellent choice. A decent example around $7K shouldn't be hard to find. For what it's worth - the bike is incredibly popular among long distance riders, I have read ride reports where people have done stupid kilometers on them. GTR1400 too.

    Edit: comma, grammar.
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  12. BMW K or R series, busa, blackbird - cheap, serviceable, heaps of torque, can carry some gear if you want.
  13. That Beemer in Toowoomba is lovely.
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  14. FJR1300. Easily find a good one within your budget.
  15. When are you popping across to inspect it? Lol
  16. Why not go for a new(er) Bandit?????
  17. Lots of excellent reasons to: love mine. A bit more protection on the freeway is relevant, but it's also just about broadening my experience.
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  18. Blackbird hands down best value for proven reliability, comfort, power and performance.
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  19. Those three are not like the others. Chain drive, yes, but also they're primarily rockets that just happen to have some touring ability. They'd also be my personal choice for a mile-eater, Busa if you like the looks.

    If you must have a 'proper' tourer, the rest are decent choices. FJR and GTR have a rep for being bulletproof, the ST is a Honda ... Really no bad choices there. The K1300 has a gem of a motor (I've ridden it in 'R' form) and a crapload of tech but you'd be hard-pressed to find a good on in your budget, but like CraigACraigA said you could probably sneak a K1200.
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  20. I would avoid any K12 series, they were not a great bike, the other choices are somewhat better.