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Best Beast

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. #1 Bravus, Jun 18, 2015
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    Yep, it's me, back again, still on the Bandit, still too skint to buy a new bike, still dreamin'.

    Time to update: for nakeds or similar (i.e. not balls-out sportsbikes or cruisers), what's the best beast in the over-1000cc club?

    Thinking of Bandits and B-Kings and Super Dukes and K1300Rs and suchlike.

    Are there any obvious ones I'm missing? Which is the best over all, and the Beast Beast for yer Buck?

    Monster 1100, Diavel (obvs, though it could conceivably fall under cruisers), and of course there are Buells and Benellis and more exotica.
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  2. Bandit is the best value IMHO, easy and cheap ways to get a bit more out of them too. But I am biased.
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  3. The K1300 series are long overdue for an update, but, if 999cc and 160bhp is enough, the new S1000R or XR from BMW!
  4. I'm quite partial to the ZRX and FZ1 myself
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  5. Tuono V4R, the new one is 1100cc :)
  6. Monster 1200, BMW R1200R
  7. As an owner of a K1300R I'd definitely recommend having a look at one but if you want monstrous a first generation V-Max should shake your boots.
  8. Read LozLoz 's review of the KTM Superduke 1290 somewhere on here. That should blow your socks off...
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  9. Z1000, FZ1. Suzuki have a new GSX-S1000
  10. I have no idea why I'm so drawn to the Diavel, the VMax and more recently the Moto Guzzi Griso. The seating position don't speak cruiser, but something in between. That and low heights perhaps. Except the Griso which is too tall for me.
  11. A naked beast needs to be a high-strung V-Twin in my book.

    Throw caution, sensibility and your wallet (for the upkeep) to the wind and get a Buell XB9SX
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  12. And then wonder where your parts and service will come from with them going broke...again..
  13. Z1000
    BMW s1000r
    Ktm 1290 superduke

    Think I need a cold shower now
  14. I did day put all sensibility and wallet aside.....
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  15. Z1000
    Done. :)
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  16. 20150409_173753. I think you know what you have to do.
  17. if you're looking for something different then the Brutales are worth looking into
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  18. Are you sure about the Griso? I was surprised by how much smaller (and better looking) it was in real life than I'd thought from photos. It's supposed to have an 800mm seat height, compared to 770 and 775 for diavel and vmax. Still lower than my v7
  19. Yup I'm sure paulbrpaulbr . I can just put the balls of my feet down on the Diavel at 770. Mind you I haven't had the privilege of sitting on a Griso but I have to be realistic and rule out anything higher than about 770 due to my height. Or to be more precise, the lack of.
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  20. LS-218 Lightning. Enough said. Oh affordable? KTM super duke r 1290