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Best bang for buck bike for track days?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mr_Ignorant, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. What bike would you recommend as best full faired bang for buck bike for track days?

    The bike will still be registered, however it will be 90% track use.

    Price range: $3k-$7k

    I don't want anything older than a 96, the cheaper the better in case an off occurs. I was thinking something along the lines of a 98-02 ZX6R would be a good start?
  2. Have a look around at what class you think you might want to race in.

    I would look for something like a late 90s GSXR750 or FZR750 or ZXR750/ZX7R. All great bikes, cheap enough, and popular enough in racing to have spare parts manufactures.
  3. Over the years I've asked this question of people more experienced in track work than me. The general consensus seems to be ZX7R, GSXR may be a little cheaper to repair, a little more expensive to buy.
  4. 90% track? Save the extra money you'd be spending on a registerable bike, because I'll bet it never sees the road. Change the tyres (or have an extra set of wheels with street rubber), pull off race glass, refit road glass, refit ADR shit, and after all that you get out on the road and remember it's shit compared to the track anyway. :LOL:
  5. the '99 - '01ish r6 was rated (from a number of reviews) as the best stock track ready bike back then, you could pick a good one up from 5-7k (just sold mine '00 model a week ago for 6,000)
  6. Consider going full track if 90% is accurate, since 3-7k will see you with a very nice track bike thats already been track prepped.
  7. Any 600 this decade will be a good choice......the Zx6R is as good a place as any to start.

    But if you're not model specific, it'll probably work out that price and condition will be more important than brand imho.

    I notice your roadie is a Monster - will you miss the torque for track?

    Otherwise I agree with the other guys, having rego will just be a waste - a dedicated trackie is my preference too.

    Good luck!
  8. Ring around any of the race clubs, there'll be all sorts of fully prepped trackies for sale. Check the VIN against the vicroads database though, lots of stolen bikes end up on tracks, and the cops have been doing random inspections and confiscating stolen ones whether or not you're the bloke that pinched it.
  9. Thanks guys, i appreciate the feedback.

    I would love to go full race but i don't have the space to keep a trailer (i have a townhouse) and my double garage is full with the bikes and the car already. I know what you mean with cheap, well prepped track bikes. Great value for money.

    A road registered bike means my wife or i can ride to the track whilst the other person takes the car with the fuel and parts. When we move next year to a house i'll buy a proper trailer setup.

    D1300 - I've had a number of bikes and i think a 600cc inline 4 would be ideal. I think for me it would be a more rewarding ride as a 1000cc has so much grunt i'd be lucky to even use 10% of the bike's potential.

    I would love to track the S4R but it is a fairly pricey bike to bin. I want to be able to push hard without worrying i might scratch something.

    I'll keep my eyes out for a GSXR, ZX7R, R6 over the next month or so.
  10. CBR600RR !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well it sounds like you've got your priorities right - and if you get attached to whaever you buy, you can always convert it to a full trackie if you decide to go that way later.

    I'm partial to a twins on track myself so that was why the torque question....if it was important to you, perhaps you could throw a VTR or SV1000 into consideration? Certainly they're in your budget.

    Anyway the selection process, an excuse to ride and consider a lot of bikes is always fun. :)

  12. Would consumables be cheaper for say, a 400cc machine? If I started track racing, I think I would start there. Is it right to assume that more powerful machines will generally cost much more to run at the track?
  13. I'd stay away from the 400's. Yes they are great bikes for the track but they are getting long in the tooth and they are all grey imports so parts may be difficult to track down.

    How often do you plan on going to the track before you move into a place that is trailer friendly? If your not planning on doing many you may be better served riding your Ducati on the track for a while until you can get a trailer. Buying a race/track prepped bike is the best way to go. I spent 2k purchasing a '96 ZX6 and then over 4K getting it up to track standard. Should of picked up a race prepped one for around 4k with spares and saved 6 months of time.

    An early R6 would be a good option but they did have dodgey gearbox's so make sure you test ride any you are thinking of buying. I can personally vouch for the 95-97 ZX6. Great bike, handles well and has a killer top end for a 13 year old bike.
  14. Fold up trailer.
  15. ive seen a few 04 zx10 trackies going for about 7k in the past few months. just keep an eye out and score a bargain
  16. My mate has his track setup 2006 r6 (but with all road gear too) for under 8k, and it's only got 3000km's on it. I don't think budget is a prob.
  17. I used to have a VTR1000 and it's been my favourite bike to date. The only downside is the brakes are shyte. The SV1000 would be a good substitute, i'll keep that in mind.

    The S4R i just can't love. I think it will be gone within a few months.

    Devo - Mate i thought you might have been taking the piss with a fold up trailer but i checked online and Bravo my friend!!!! That is exactly the solution for me! I called them a couple of minutes ago about their trailers that take 2 x full fairing road bikes. Priced very well and it folds up nice and tight. I just need to sort out a towbar for the car now (i hope they make one our car??).

    I'll go bike shopping this weekend and see if i can test ride a few ZX6/7 and R6's.

    Oh and to throw a spanner in the works, the bike may have to be ridden to Perth and back in February LOL. Unless she rides whatever i have at the time but i normally buy impractical bikes :oops:
  18. I haven't used one, but lots of good reports for what they are.