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Best Backpack

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gumby76, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Hello, first time post. I recetnly starting riding again after 7 years and was wondering what the best brand of backbacks. I am a daily commuter and need a standard size waterproof backpack. Any thoughts?

  2. I use the Dririder one. A bit small but it comes with a water proof liner which I have not needed to use yet.
  3. Not too sure bout the Axio's, have heard a number of cases of the bottom edge (basicly the hinge) not holding up under repeated use.
    I seriously luuuurv the Ogio No Drag. Sexy looking backpack and damn comfy
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    so thats a review for the above mentioned ogio backpack, my question to anyone with one. Yes the pack has shoe pockets, but will boots fit into those pockets when you swap?

    I have a Michelin back pack from bike biz it was around $50 and the zippers are getting dodgy less than 6months of occasional use later... but it fits boots in it when i get where im going or it can hold a helmet within (i don't think it can hold it in addition to boots but ill try it out as it has a sling) usually ill put thongs on and put the boots in the pack and carry the helmet, i put my laptop in it, but it has no pouch, no padding. Other than that its pretty decent bag! I need to see if they will help me out with the zippers tho.. :)