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Featured Best Armored Jackets?

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by KnightRider321, May 2, 2015.

  1. Just looking for your opinions - which armoured jackets do you think is the best and offers the most protection?
    Dont mind about the price

  2. Leather, with D30 armour and built in airbag would probably be the best for protection in a spill.
    Expensive and may limit your movement somewhat.
    MX armour suits that you wear under your top layer are also a good option.

    The best protection is not crashing in the first place so depending on your budget, buy a decent quality jacket and spend some $$ on extra training.
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  3. When you say protection, are you referring to a crash, or the weather?

    Leather is generally considered the best abrasion resistant aka little to no gravel/road rash.
    Leather isn't generally waterproof.
  4. Generally it comes diown to budget. Its probably a good thing to have both leather and fabric gear if you can. Makers like: Dianese, Spidi, RJays, RST, Dri Rider, Joe Rocket (they make sick heated gloves!) , Fox, Alpinestars to name but a few.
    Also if you are really hell bent on safety etc, then maybe consider a Leatt Brace, they make them for both road and off road applications, and are branching into knee braces, spine protectors etc. Expensive, but worth it if you are going that line. Helmet wise, names like AGV, Shoei, Nolan, Bell, KJC (I think thats right?) Try all the different makes etc, get the best fit for you. Your local bike shop should be able to assist with this as well as advice on fit correctly etc etc. I just bought RST fabric gear from a mate that cant ride anymore, and bought a Nolan full face helmet ($500 RRP-I got it for $350 as it was a superceeded model!)
  5. Hi,

    Just some options to think about:-

    http://www.ozmcleathers.com/#!products/cjg9 Their website makes it difficult to look at the products so go here as well - http://www.gimoto.com/en

    RSTachi this is the Aust site, good range of armoured Leather and Fabric jackets http://naps-moto.com.au/products/list.php?maker_id=1

    Look for CE certified armour such as Knox and how much of it is included and how much you need to buy separately. IE a lot of jackets do not come with a back protector you have to buy it separately

    Happy Shopping

    Cheers Jeremy
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  7. It all depends on what you're looking for. there are plenty of brands offering leather jackets that are capable of carrying armour now. If you're after something styled nicely enough that you can wear it around when you are off your bike we stock Richa because it is a nice weight buffalo leather with CE approved elbow and shoulder armour included (rather than sold separately), removable thermal lining and a nice understated retro style.
  8. Love that advice!....that's exactly what I am going to do :)
  9. I bought a dri rider vortex 2 jacket yesterday....it's very comfy and feels well made. My new bike is being delivered next week so I'll be able to give both a workout!
    I'll let you know how I go :)
  10. How did the jcket go davidkdavidk ?
  11. The dri rider vortex jacket is awesome!....warm , waterproof, lots of pockets (I found 2 more last weekend haha!).
    Last weekend I took out the thermal lining now that the weather is improving, I left the waterproof lining in though.
    It fits like a glove and although it has armour in the elbows and shoulders it is very easy to move around in.
    Highly recommended! (y)
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  12. Sweet as, Im happy with my RSt cordura gear, but thought a follow up mightve been good for those wondering!