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best antifog??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fitzer6n, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Hey there folks,
    just wondering has anyone any any preferences for visor protection inside and out?? all this rain recently has really highlighted, (again) the commuters need for a decent view while it pisses down rain and smog!!

  2. From what I heard Pinlock seem to me the most effective one. I haven't try it myself, my helmet only fog up when I'm not moving.
  3. Pinlock . Ride most of the days at 7 in the morning for 45 min no fog till date including those one or two 1 degree days in Melb, never opened my visor and even with balaclava inside the helmet. best 30$ ever spent.
  4. Best I've tried yet is wearing Fog Off mask. I've tried Cat Crap but only good results if you thoroughly clean the visor every time & apply a good amount of the stuff, but it wears off after a few uses & you're reapplying again.
    I haven't tried Pinlock or the likes of the RS Taichi fog out visor spray.
    I'll watch this with interest but sure Pinlock will be heavily favoured?
  5. Pinlock for me. Been 10 months now with no fog.
  6. Used a fogoff mask, now have a pinlock in the new helmet. can't go back pinlock easy winner.
  7. So where are you guys buying your pinlocks?
  8. Got mine at MCAS
  9. Pinlock it is so.
    I've just ordered a tin of bloody catcrap too!!

  10. I got mine from PS , only thing which is same price as everywhere else (online too).
  11. Must say never worried about fog but I have the helmet vents open all year. Doesn't get cold. In fact I still sweat enough in the cold weather. Just my neck but have ebayed myself an oxford balaclava so all good
  12. Pin lock keeps my visor nice and clear, but my glasses are a PITA.
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  13. My 2 cents on pinlock...

    If like me your visor isn't made for pinlock (AGV GP-TECH) then there is the option of an adhesive generic fit shield from fogcity (pinlock's recommendation).
    But... check the gap between inside of visor & the helmet opening. Mine was just small enough to scrape the inside of the insert every time the visor was opened or closed so after just a few days the insert was buffed enough to render it just as bad as a fogged visor.

    Not saying there is anything wrong with the product, just wasn't applicable to my helmet - a $30 lesson. Dang blammit. Something to be aware of.
  14. Fog City insert or Pin Lock insert are the bees knees.

    If you wear glasses, try using a small (and I mean small) amount of dish washing liquid, shampoo or even shave foam. This will also work on the inside of your visor.

    Note, I've found it doesn't work on glasses that have the anti glare coating.
  15. Does anyone know if the universal pinlock insert will interfere with bells photochromic visor?
  16. Don't have anti glare coating any more...found it made them easier to scratch. I'll try this.
  17. Doesn't the visor changes colour due to the amount of UV hitting it? If so then it shouldn't affect it as Pinlock is applied to the inside of the visor.
  18. Yeah it does, just hesitant to ruin an expensive visor, wanted to check first
  19. The Pinlock is hold onto the visor by 2 pins, there is no glue so it won't ruin your visor.
  20. We haven't had one of these threads for a while!

    Pinlock -> Cat Crap -> Mine doesn't fog -> Spit -> -> like to threads found using search function -> morning fresh -> thread closed.