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Best Anti-fog solution?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by beery, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. After being cursed with poor eyesight ive got the problem of not being able to see a flippin thing about 5 seconds after i put my helmet on, my glasses and my visor make everything look like a english summer day.
    Whats the best stuff to use to stop this and were can i get it?

    Any help would be great.


  2. I have this Hyper Optiks visor insert that turns your clear visor into tinted and is anti fog. Costs $50. Anti fog properties are pretty darned good.
  3. Could try Rain-X anti-fog. It does work but it doesn't seem to last too long (although if you're only using it for visor and glasses then one bottle should last a while).
  4. rainx is the go
  5. rainx antifog is useless as an antifog it lasts a few hours and it all pools at the bottom of your visor.

    RainX Is a great water repellant on the outside of your visor though.

    Dishwashing detergent I find works exceptionally well. Almost every household uses it and its readilly available.
    A few drops and polish liek mad, fog free for a few days. Don't use too much though, you may start to blow bubbles :)
  6. Hi Berry .
    I had the same trouble, 5 seconds tops and i couldn't see crap threw the fog..

    Got a anti -fog lense $40, it sticks to the inside of your visor, in my case the clear one ,then i got a black visor and when you change visors on the helmet a few times the fog lense comes off the visors as the visors changes shape went not on the helmet , the sticky of the lense can't hold and it pops off after about 4 times the lense won't stick any more, and in the bin it went.
    Also the sticky tape part of the lense in like 4mm wide and it really blocks your peripheral vision.

    Got rain-X....that was 2 months ago ,never foged up again.
    It's really really good stuff and like $10 at any bike shop.
  7. hahah would be a goo party trick there vic...

    but i use this thing called fog off... its made out of like a wet suit material and it wraps around ur face covering only ur nose...
    if your in melbourne a place in ringwood call A1 sell it and its about 50 bucks and i rode into work at 6 this morning and had no probs with fog and plus it keeps ur neck warm as well hehee :grin:
  8. Like this one Troy?

    My hubby rides with the full face one, and loves them as it goes up around the cheeks and eyes.
    A our Cruiser rider friends with open face helmets wear them aswell, great for the rain.

    Has anyone tried the old wifes tail of the cut potatoe?
    My mum said cut the potatoe rub it in let it dry then buff off.
    Iv'e never tried it.
  9. Oh and there is also this stuff from the states called cat crap. :LOL:
    Why they picked that name no idea!
    Im wainting on some to arrive.

    This is what it says about it: Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner is the best! The mild ingredients are safe on all lenses and coatings, including anti-reflective coatings. Simply apply with a soft cloth and wipe off. It comes off leaving a clear film that prevents fogging, cleans the lens and even fills the small scratches.
    Comes in a little pot (lke lip balm) with polishing cloth, screwdriver and keyring for $9.99 USD was cheap and worth a shot to try it.

    Ok so i bought it for the name :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I don't know how well it works on visors, but an old wives tale says that toothpaste rubbed into the bathroom mirror stops it fogging up during showers/baths. I KNOW this works a treat on mirrors, but have never tried it on a visor.

    Bet you it'd be minty fresh though...
  11. Arhhh so i shoudl test it on hubbys helmet FIRST! :LOL:
    See if he complains, if he doesn't is the way to go.
  12. I Agree with Vic, even warm soapy water does the trick. Take your visor off your helmet, put some warm water in the sink, and lather up some soap, give it a rub with a soft cotton cloth, and then dry it with a dry cotton cloth, easy as, and saves the $$. :grin:
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  14. Yeah fog won't actually form on a clean, smooth surface so regularly cleaning the inside of the visor will significantly reduce fogging (metho works great).

  15. Exactly. That is why Crystal View works so well to aid in keeping yout visor fog free. :)
  16. I commute in all weathers and wear glasses so I sympathise completely.

    Tried Fogoff. Comfortable, warm and foggs your glasses up rather than your visor - dont bother.

    Tried Pinlock- bugger to fit but works well. Makes the visor harder to operate (Shoei) as it fouls the top seal. Eventually it works loose and needs replacing but I got 2years out of it using it most days.

    Tried Progrip nofog lense - sticks to inside of visor. doesnt fit Shoei visors without fouling helmet seals in many places. Eventually worked loose and became useless so I returned it.

    Tried CatCrap- A1 got it in for me to try. The name says it all - utter crap. A1 have had the same feedback from others too.

    Dishwashing liquid works OK but needs redoing every day. For the record it works by reducing the surface tension to a point that droplets cant form.

    I would bewary of RainX on the outside as it leaves a residual film that on a car windscreen becomes patchy and once started requires constant reapplication to be effective and not streaky at night. It seems to be impossible to remove without serious risk of scratching.

    My thoughts anyway.
  17. yep, dont breathe.. :LOL: :LOL: I find my glasses fog up most of the time rather than my visor.. it is annoying and i just leave the visor open a touch. rather see where im going than hit something..
  18. This might sound silly or disgusting to some of you but...When you go scuba diving or snorkeling what do you do to your goggles to stop them fogging??

    Spit in them and swirl it around :grin: :shock:

    I spit on a tissue and wipe the inside of my visor all over then wipe off with a clean tissue and have no problem. Ya need to do it once a week tho. :shock:
  19. I used to do a bit of snorkelling when I was in high school, and I remember my diving instructor always said to rub toothpaste around the mask when u get a new one.Try that one.I think I might as well now that Ive thought of it!
  20. Now why didn't I think of that??

    Must remember to do it *before* breakfast, though.