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Best all round tool roll for bikes

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Spocky, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    Have a Kawasaki Ninja 650L (2012) and want to get a tool roll in addition to the specific kit that comes with the bike. Need it for adjusting stuff and sorting out minor problems on the road along the way and was wondering whether there is a preferred tool roll that has most things that I'll need (going to put it into back pack) or do I need to make one up with specific bike components fitting (eg odd Allen key sizes, weird nut shapes etc etc.)

    Am based in Sydney but can order online if required and aiming for something that would preferably be able to work on a non LAMS bike in the future (BMW S1000RR I'm looking at you \\:D/ )

    Prefer good quality as I have had crap stuff in the past and not keen on getting more crap tools...

    Cheers Spocky
  2. Best advice I can give you is...do the little maintenance jobs and the basic services, building your tool roll as you go. Every bike will be a little different in terms of what custom hand made tools you need to do the odd things.

    You will find that what is in the factory tool kit is basically the 'right' tools for most simple jobs, just very poor quality and only just adequate. Replacing the kit items with good quality tools is a good start.
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  3. All I've added to my bike's kit is an allen key (not even sure what for, now) and a 8" shifter.
    I recently found at work, that I could get my front wheel off with the kit, but not the muffler!
  4. Hammer, fork and some gaffer tape.
  5. my tool roll is a custom job. it's more or less the same as the kit included with the bike though 18 years newer, and i've added some extra stuff like spare levers and zip ties. and it's still small enough to fit in the pillion seat storage with HEAPS of room to spare.
  6. Spare levers, what a great idea, I had to break up a ride last month when I tipped my bike over on some gravel at walking speed, no fairing damage, but a bent lever sent me into the nearest shop instead of the hills....

  7. Hardened tourers have been known to also cable tie or tape a spare clutch and throttle cable to their frame.
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  8. Also pays to replace most of the OEM tools, from the supplied tool kit, as quite often they're crap quality.

    We live in lucky times now and good tools are available quite cheaply.

    New Improved Ghetto Tool Roll
    I've found a good use for all those odd socks that accumulate, at least the better ones without holes... spray them with bit of WD40 and drop your extra tools in them, twist the sock and roll it back over on itself then tuck/jam/cable-tie it under the seat somewhere. The light oil residue from the WD40 keeps the tools free from moisture, and the sock is bloody handy to wipe your hands on after the roadside fix-up or chain adjustment.
  9. I was sort of hoping this thread would be about 'tool rolls' and not what goes in them! I've been looking for a good quality tool roll to replace my worn out 20 year old one for ages now but other than those harley leather ones I've found nothing available in Oz.

    There are a couple that might be suitable on Amazon but they won't ship to Oz...
  10. Thought about repurposing something else, ZX?
    I've got an old chisel set that's enclosed in a beautiful suede roll, with leather strap, buckle 'n all - I've often thought it would make a nice tool roll...
  11. That's the sort of thing I've been using but it's over 20 years old and getting very worn and tired.

    I keep hoping I'll find something similar at a craft market but so far no luck.

    There are canvas material versions for sale in the US but not over here as far as I can find.
  12. Anyone know where to get a complete set of allen keys? (or at least common ones) I find these suckers are a bish of a tool to need and not have.. these and star shaped screws!
  13. Almost anywhere to be honest - commonly included in screwdriver sets too...
    Oh, and the "star-shaped screws" are called "Torx"...
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    Leatherman Super tool, cable ties and tire repair kit
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  15. mine is just the vinyl tool bag included with a work truck i sent to that great highway in teh sky, nothing flash but it works well. a proper roll would probably be too bulky for my bike.

    dude seriously? any tool shop, supercheap auto etc, ebay, hell i'm sure i saw some in coles last night.
    i used to have a 30odd piece allen key set i picked up from supershit auto for about $buggerall
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  16. A small torch, and that metal putty stuff for plugging radiators :)
  17. ... It's one of those things where unless you are actively looking for them, you don't really notice they're there... Somewhat like cagers driving around oblivious to the roads actually being shared by riders... macca biscuits when ordering a quarter pounder... pipes and cone pieces at the tobacconist... A $100 dollar note on the floor behind a hot naked woman pole dancing against a "No Parking sign" :-k