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Best Aftermarket Exhausts for VTR250's?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kbatt, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Looking to treat myself to an aftermarket pipe for my little VTR, and while Staintune is the first word off most peoples tongues, personally I really like the idea of a shorty pipe for the ol' girl to give it a slightly different look to every other Tom, Dick and Harry with a Staintune'd VTR.

    Poked around a little on the internet and there a few options but has anyone got a ridiculous deal on a great exhaust or know of a sexy shorty pipe that sings to the tin tops as you float on by?

    Budget is around 400-500 but if the quality disparity isn't much I'm pretty happy to go a cheapie.

    Would love to know peoples opinions.


  2. I'm listening to this (but have nothing to add).
  3. well, staintune are shit. and too expensive.

    don't know your location, but if Keysborough in Vic is'nt too far, just go to megacycle and get Ken to knock up whatever you want, any type or style.
    would be well within your budget i'd think.
  4. Thanks for that mate. I work in Moorabbin so I'l definitely give him a call. Have you got one of his pipes?
  5. Another thumbs up for megacycle - they did custom shorty for me, with clip and fitted was $300 and it sounds amazing, not to mention Ken and the guys there are awesome and know their stuff
  6. he made one for a 2fiddy i owned once a long time ago. it worked out a lot cheaper from him than of the shelf alternatives. plus i wanted loud. so he put an extra bung in it i could remove for 'extra loud' or screw the bung back in to be more police friendly.
    but yeah, he can make whatever you want. full system or slip on, pack it with whatever you want. up to you.
    has a dyno on site too, or did then.

    i had a staintune on a bike a year or two back. sounded like stock, if not worse. they are ok for a new can if you can't source the oem one, for a crash repair and you want a road worthy. because they are guaranteed to be quiet enough.
  7. Thanks gentlemen. Sounds like Megacycle is what I'm after, custom is always good and adds to uniqueness points.

    Do you have a photo by any chance. Had a look at his website and they look slick, but the customer is always right as they say.
  8. Will have to dig one out, but its a cut down oval can, with the megacycle bracket. If you click on youtube icon on top right of this post you can hear what it sounds like on the RVF
  9. The Megacycle exhausts are pretty common on the VTR250s, I've ridden with one installed and to be honest didn't really like it, was loud, but didn't have what I would call a "nice" sound (given how many are getting around I think I'm in the minority).

    Make sure you keep the stockie which ever path you go down.
  10. And another vote for megacycle. Seen and heard a few vtr 250's with this can and they do sound hawt!
  11. I was thinking this, just out of common sense. But would I be able to interchange once its been taken off, or why would I need to hang onto it?
  12. Hunt around YouTube for the look and sound of different pipes.

    Staintunes are not "shit", nor quiet on most bikes I've heard (YouTube again), but they are somewhat pricey, although the quality (including good R&D for the bikes they build for) and service are regularly spoken of even on U.S. forums.

    Something decent and carbon fibre - Megacycle for sure, but shortening from the stock pipe will affect the power characteristics. They should be able to give you good advice on that, since they've been around for a long time. The regular pipe most get is, I think, a little shorter than the stocker and looks of good proportions on the bike, as well as giving a nice deep note for a 250 that isn't absurdly loud.

    I'm very impressed with the new Two Brothers Racing (aka TBR) pipe I got just recently, but one landed here has a fair chance of costing more than a Megacycle. Worth a look to see if they have one suitable (but the U.S. didn't get the VTR).
  13. ^ As Wayned has mentioned - take a look at youtube examples - HOWEVER!

    Be aware that what you will hear on a youtube clip will more than likely be a poor indication of the sound "in the real world"

    **NB - A previous poster in this thread can empathise with the following:
    When I was hunting for a slip-on can for my bike (not a VTR) I endlessly searched youtube for examples of the sound etc. I finally settled on a pipe and when I installed it "in the real world" it sounded great - albeit nothing like any of the clips.

    For completeness I recorded my own youtube clip post-install - and guess what - it sounds nothing like my bike does "in the real world"

    SOoooooo - long story short - YES, use youtube as an example, NOT as an indication of what your going to get.

    Good luck (y)
  14. You can change it back over if the need arises in the future, say for example you sell the bike and need to get a RWC done, probably wont be an issue, but better to be safe than sorry.
  15. No... sell me your stockie! They're handy for RWC/emissions testing, my vtr only came with an MC can and now that I want to sell it on stock mufflers are a few hundred from wreckers.

    Ken will easily include a collar welded to your stock pipe so you can slip either of them on.
  16. Netrider strikes again. Cheers guys, you've all been very helpful. I've been filtering through various Youtube clips but I presumed as much in relation to the sound change. I think I'll be heading to Megacycle as price wise its right up my alley and general consensus is they're a pretty decent option.

    As for the Stock Can I have, I'll probably hang onto it for the above mentioned reasons.

    What kind of Power differance cxan I expect from chucking a shorty on the bike. I mean its hardly a 'Busa now is it, but will I get a little more or a little less or is there a general rule of thumb to go by that links the size of your pipe to your power output? (No pun intended)
  17. I mentioned YouTube more to point out that there are plenty of clips showing Staintune pipes that are clearly louder than stock, plus also because you get to see how a few pipes look on your bike.

    How a much shorter pipe affects your tune has as many answers as there are different model bikes, although there are some rules of thumb. Best to search this issue or just ask Megacycle since you're probably going with them. Changing it much generally gives gains at some rpm in return for losses elsewhere. If nothing else, a real short one will probably be annoyingly loud. The popular pipe they do for the VTR looks good and should be fine.
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  19. Yeah mine's an '07 so its still a carby, but I've had a squiz at a couple of the screaming demons online and they're a little pricey. I think Megacycle is a good bet because along with the good reviews on Ken's can's performance. Its way cheaper and he'll fit it for me which I wouldn't trust myself to do.
  20. You can buy from their ebay store. They sometimes have specials on. I browse for stuff all the time and try and keep an eye out.

    I still feel there is no real benefits from a slipon.

    If you are going to put a slipon muffler its pretty easy, you get a hacksaw or angle grider and chop off the stock one, then attach the new one on.

    But if the shop is cheaper then yeah get them to do it.