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Best adventure bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Skywalka, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys!!

    I'm new to this country (From New Zealand) and want to buy another bike over here. I owned a 1996 CBR250rr back home but thought it might be nice to get some sort of adventure bike this time so I can take off on little missions and check out this cool county the best way possible. I will also be riding to work each day so I'm wanting the bike to also be great around town. I'm pretty sure once I transfer my license over here I'll end up on my P's so the bike will need to be Lams Approved.

    Can any one suggest a good adventure bike? I had a look at a Aprilia Pegaso 650 the other day. It seemed ideal for my needs but I'm not sure how this bike will be for parts here in Australia?

    Thanks, Luke!

  2. Hey mate, welcome..

    Don't bother with the Aprilia Pegaso 650, awesome looking bike but it has too many issues. Also getting parts for it would be a nightmare.
    I've been riding a Vstrom '12 650 since new and love it, it's a Dual sport Adv bike. There's going to be some vids posted soon from some recent riding and you could see what's out there. Another option is a DR 650 which is more of a Dual Sport bike, these Suzuki's are cheap and you could get a lot of accessories for them. They're also bullet proof.
  3. If you like the style of the peg aso have a look at the transalp 650 it's lams approved and Honda reliable. That is if you can find one for sale
  4. A couple more suggestions bmw f650 or f800gs or Triumph Tiger 800.
    It really depends what your definition of adventure is, also you are guaranteed to drop your bike quite a few times so something like a dr650 is ideal in that situation.
  5. Tenere 660 if you're going to do real dirt.
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  6. Awesome thanks guys, a lot of the mentioned options people have mentioned already so must be great bikes. Has anyone ever owned a DR and had a passenger? I may every now and then sneak my GF on the back for a ride in the weekend. I hear the pillion situation on a DR650 isn't that great? I have seem aftermarket seats though, not sure how much better they are?
  7. I met a guy who took his girlfriend on the back of a DR around Tasmania for 3 weeks. She was still talking to him at the end, so it can't have been that bad.

    But seriously, I would look at a vstrom, DL650. There is a LAMS version now, and there are parts everywhere if you ever need any. I haven't needed any (apart from tyres) ever.

  8. Hahahaha, that's always a good sign if she still speaks to him. Will check out both. Do you take your V-Storm to the dirt at all?
  9. [​IMG]

    Here is my driveway. Does that count? We have been on lots of gravel and dirt roads, but not down goat tracks. This is on anakee semi off-road tyre, not nobblies
  10. Twins :)
    Any three cornered jacks in your driveway ?
  11. I assume you mean these:


    We call them "double gee", which I am told is a bastardisation of their South African name, but could be just shite. Yes, we have them. They don't seem to be an issue for the motorbikes, but they pop bicycle tyres instantly.
  12. That's them, I remember them between my mothers house and the beach in Dongarra. Bloody things would go straight through your thong.
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  13. What the hell a
    What are those brutal looking things? What are they from? Awesome looking area, many neighbors? This is why I need to see more of this country.

    A V-Storm Could definitely do the trick for the majority of my riding, just not sure how much real dirt stuff I'll end up doing yet. Just feel like I want to have the option there really.
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    This isn't me, but from the vstrom site "stromtroopers"


    As for neighbours, not really. We have no blinds, and shower outside most of the time, just because we can.

    I love my vstrom, but I would ride all sorts of bikes. Just because it works for us (the other one is my wife's) doesn't mean it will work for you.

    My wife from our ride to Tasmania.


    You can read about it here:

  15. If you live in VIC and come riding with us you'll be wanting a dr650 fairly quickly. Hehehe
    If you have no one to ride with to take you through crazy tracks probably a vstrom will do the job.
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  16. *V-STROM

  17. Wicked, thanks Middo! A bit of night time reading!

  18. Wicked, will love some people to ride with. Will have to learn pretty damn fast by the sounds of things. The DR is definitely right up there at the moment as I would love to do plenty of dirt and it sounds like it will be sweet on the road too.