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Best advanced riding tip?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ghost chips, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. #1 Ghost chips, Aug 31, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
    I came across a video a month ago showing Troy Corser instructing a class which has changed the way i ride for the better. And it has been lots of fun to try.

    After doing CSS and loving it i was working on all the drills that they taught me. I became a better rider instantly after each day of coaching. I've been working on my body position and foot work for a while now. My right turns, although getting better with practice, never felt quite as good as my left and I'd had many theories as to why this was so. It seems now that the culprit was body position and foot work. I'd feel weight on my bars turning right and i felt uncomfortable mid corner. I wasn't doing it right but i was getting there.

    Searching for solutions as to what i should be doing on the bike i found this video. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but I recommend watching it. I'm still thinking about whether it fits in with what i have learned at CSS. I don't think it does but i want it to.

    The video gave me a totally new view. Some of the foundations of riding corners I'd learned and adopted, i watched, are old hat!?

    The result has been fantastic. I feel very planted to the bike on left and right turns. I can get my elbow, head and shoulders down low without putting pressure on the bars and the bike is more stable. Plus i feel like i can ride for days now...I ain't no spring chicken.

    I thought I'd share and if anyone else has any vids on this topic I'd love to see them. :woot:

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  2. I have a feeling Troy knows what he is talking about, although some of the footwork and bp advice is different to CSS, I feel like he is more in touch with the way modern superbikes are ridden on the track, although I have to really do some drills to get a feel for it.

    Definitely seems worth trying.
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  3. looks like the link is down

    try this one

    thanks for posting up Ghost chipsGhost chips
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  4. here's one from Dylan Code - son of Keith of CSS fame
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  5. Oooh I like it. "If the bike is moving it's not because of the tyres, the road, whatever. It's because YOU'RE moving it".
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  6. It is working a treat for me. I, for one, never really liked the "straighten your ankle to push/lock your knee into the lip of the tank" thing. I found it uncomfortable so I'd just keep ripping through my leathers gripping the tank with my knees like crazy. Now when i approach a corner i get in to position and i know I'm in the right position when i can feel my thigh on the back of the tank. I find i don't have much to do then. My thigh just stops me sliding forward and there is little gripping with the knees. Happy days.

    A couple of other points is that my calves now grip the bike better because my feet are splayed. I try and position my feet so that the outside of them is further out from the peg so that i can curl my foot around the outside of the peg mid corner. It gets my knee lower to the ground. Hope that makes sense.

    All of this is unnecessary if I'm just cruising through the twisties. The old knee to knee does just fine.
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  7. So that video of Troy is the one that made me realise a while back that each different school out there (CSS, Toprider, MotoDNA etc) all have their own system or preference and that you should develop what works for you. Do the training, focus on what they tell you and then go and practice, practice, practice and embed the principles in your way, that makes sense to you.

    I know I'm not perfect and have a few things to work on, but at the speeds i'm going at on track days the only thing that matters is how much i enjoy myself while looking semi-competent at it.
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