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Best 650cc bike for city/twisties and the occasional tour

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Peterstryz, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Wondering if you lot with more experience can help ...

    I have just got my unrestricted license and am upgrading from a VTR 250.

    I use the bike for fun, often commuting around town and a frequent weekend blast of fresh air on some twisites. Id also like to do a less frequent tour, possibly with a pillion (but not for 12 months).

    Given Im a newbie, Im thinking 650cc is all the power I will need (and can afford) for the next few years but then which way to go?

    I suppose my thoughts are the classic sports bikes (SV650, ER-6, FZ6) but its also been suggested I look at the likes of the V-Strom and Versys. Mind you, Ive read that the dual purpose bikes arent the best to develop skills and technique.

    Anyone care to assist?

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  3. Not sure the budget can stretch to the Ducati ....

    Re the GSX, its quite a bit heavier than the SV. Im 6ft and 95kgs so in theory its not too big, but what about around town?
  4. You'd probably be more comfortable on the GSXF, and it carries its weight low so it doesn't feel as heavy as it is.
  5. I'd give the FZ6 a miss, that's a bit of a dog IMO.

    The ER-6 and SV6 are both fantastic, as is the 650 v-strom, which if you can deal with the height, is a very surprising little package that's possibly the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden and loads of fun. You do ride them differently to a sports bike, but it's no biggie and there's plenty of folk who get around very quickly indeed on them.

    The street triple is definately worth a look if you want to go new and don't mind a wait.
  6. What about a GT650R Loz :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. its hard to go past the ER-6. almost the perfect bike for what you want to do.
  8. do yourself a favor and get a h9 you wont regret it. good price and i came from my l's to the 900 it is a very stable and user friendly bike power delivery is very linear and not too scary..... :LOL:
  9. Problem with the hornets is their limited ground clearance. After watching Loz nearly bin his a few times from gouging the pegs into the tarmac, and then coming upon the scene of another rider who actually ran off the road because the pegs dug in and sent the bike spearing to the outside, then I can only suggest that if you like your riding to be of a sporting nature and would like the bike to handle pretty much all that you can throw at it, then you want something with a little more clearance.
  10. Thanks a bunch all, lots of good stuff there ...

    What do you reckon about the merits (demerits?) of a dual purpose (Versys/V-Strom) as opposed to the tradtitional sports bikes?
  11. go up another 150cc and you can buy the best bike ever built ;)
  12. JohnnyO at cosways talked me out of the versys as he thought I wouldn't need the extra suspension. other dealers tried to talk me into one as they are more expensive! the V-Strom just looks too big (for me anyway).
    there are single cylinder 650 dual sports like the KLR650 or KLE500 that are cheaper and look tempting.
    I'd suggest you test ride the ER-6 and SV650 cause they are good bikes for the price and only go further if you don't like them.
  13. If you like twins....and I'm guessing you do as you've currently got a VTR, right ?
    I wouldn't go past the V-Strom. Yes, I'm bias as I've got one BUT they really are (IMO) the bees knees. The size can be a bit intimidating at first, I must admit, but they're surprisingly agile, and oh so comfortable on a long trip.

    An after market exhaust is a must though, as they sound pretty lame without.

    I bought mine about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. I must admit though, if the Verseys has have been out then, I would have definitely considered it. Haven't heard Kwakas parallel twin with an after market can on, but I bet it sounds great.
  14. Depends on what you would like. Naked? ER6n, sv650, fz6n, speed tripple (budget allowing) are all good options. Something more sporty/more protection? ER6f, fz6s, sv650s, etc.

    Go test ride some middleweights and see what you like. I know I love the vtwins, and coming from a vtr you probably do to - go try some :)
  15. Get ur list together of what u like. Then go and test ride em and see which ones are comfortable for U. If u still cant decide then go again. Just remember that it's going to be ur Bike & it's Ur Money that ur spending. Get a bike that best suits U.
  16. Ok, hear what everyone is saying about the bikes themselves (test ride em) ... I suppose my worry is that Ive not ridden as much as everyone else so wont really know the real differences between the bikes until its too late.

    Perhaps what I should have asked is "what is it like touring on a faired sports bike?" and "whats it like trying to get around in Sydney traffic on a V-Strom"?

    Either way, thanks for all your help so far ....
  17. Sorry, I never mean to talk anyone out of what they like, I just mentioned why we didn't stock it, it was mainly the number of riders that don't like tall seat heights.

    The ER6 is fantastic to ride and very cheap to run, haven't lived with the others so I can't say what they are like.

    I did ride the Versys today, man what a wheelie machine.
  18. What about a GSR 600? I love mine and it was cheap. I have done 16,000km in 12 months and like it more and more every time I ride it. I have done 2 1,800km trips over 4 days and the only complaint is the seat is a bit hard. Here is a link for a review in the latest PB mag from the UK with a GSR, FZ6, Hornet 6 and the new Triumph Street Triple 675.