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Best 600 to buy from 02 and later

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by nutter, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Guys,

    I'm new to Netrider and looks like a great place to come and visit.

    Time to upgrade to a 600, just wanting some suggestions on best models from 02 onwards, would prefer something around the $10,000 mark but could go little higher if find something sweet.

    I'm obviously aware prob later model i can get the better but thought there maybe some models between 02 and 06 that have real good reputation.

    I am fan of Gixxer's and CBR's but would consider anything.

  2. You will get an '06 Gixxer Demo for around $11,000 I think, at least that's what I was offered, it had about 1,000k on it.
  3. Buy the one that you reckon looks best, they're all good bikes.

    Take it for a test spin, if you like it, buy it.
  4. I know with the GSXR's the 02 & 03 models are much the same, but 04 and after is when they started to change. The '04 600 came out with a new frame and suspension. They made them a lot smaller and lighter which made them a lot easier in corners. The 06 and 07 models they started changing the engine.
    Best thing you can do is take a few for a test ride. At least try the 02 and the 04 they have the biggest difference between them.
  5. I will soon be looking in the same range, The CBR F4I, the GSXR 600, the ZX6R are all on my hit list.
    Right now the F4I is looking like what I will lean towards. (I'd rather get a Daytona 675, but it is simply not going to happen [​IMG])
  6. People people...lets not jump to conclusions and forget the r6 after FI came in. SHould be right in the price range :cool:
  7. Forgot to add in my first post- this issue has seemed to be discussed numerous times before so just do a quick search and unlock the wealth of knowledge and advice from.....ummm....netriders :wink:
  8. Saw a Daytona with low k's and a few extras advertised for $12800 ono.
  9. please show where this topic has been discussed as I cant find

    was just thinking there might be some certain models with real awesome reps that are more sort after than others
  10. The best thing to do is test ride each that you're considering, some have different seating positions, it depends on what sort of riding you want to do. As a generalisation, they seem to become more track focuse dand oriented each year, the general comfort levels seem to suffer.

    General run down:

    cbr600rr: Do it all, bland, sportsbike that will make anyone riding it look good, good brakes and predicatble handling. Poor to no low-midrange power. Not much character and crappy colour schemes IMO.

    R6: Most track focused of the lot, and went more so as the model years progressed. Good deals to be had on 2nd hand ones as there are so many out there.

    zx6r: Depends what year, the 636's are arguably one of the better 'real world' sports bikes, significantly better torque lower down than the 600's. 2005+ are track focused bikes but look and sound horn.

    gsx-r600: Good all rounder (similar to pre-2000 zx6r), with no real sacrifices in any one area, the new one looks great and probably continues this tradition. Most comfortable sports 600 in my opinion.

    Honestly, you won't get anywhere near any of these bikes potential performance on the road, the track is what they're predominantly made for so you should really look at what you want out of the bike

    I still say choose the one that looks best to you...