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Best $50 spent - suspension

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Takamii, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. So the my new 2004 R1 has always caused me concern because it always felt that I was fighting rather than guiding the front end it always felt rather heavy - also it seem to be rather stiff all round and rather than soak up the road undulations it tended to bounce skip across them

    with such small contact patches this is a bad thing of course

    So for $50 I went and saw Laurie from Suspension Smith here in Canberra who tailored all the suspension settings to my height weight etc

    result - totally different beast that tips in better doesn't run wide and doesn't skip along the undulations

    also brakes better
    low speed control is better

    best money spent in my books - get your bike set up for you in this way
  2. one day you might be able to work out how to adjust it yourself. then the fun starts. do some research into what all the clickers do then experiment. you cant get yourself into too much trouble with it as you're not really changing anything.

    just work out what settings everything is on now, and see what feels best.
  3. i agree at my last trackday at ec i paid $80 for sw to play around with it and it gove me a lot mor confidence.
    im keen to play around with it next werek when im out there next
  4. Hmmm username change....ONE hey ONE what???....I could think of a few things :LOL:....
  5. one person called discos jealous they dont ride a yamaha :)
  6. trent, where did you get your suspension set up at? I'm looking for someone to setup mine
  7. I had a great time learning suspension setup for myself. There's been some excellent write ups from Damien Cudlin in AMCN the last few issues in regards to it.

    Dave Moss has a stack of videos on Youtube that help quite a lot in understanding tyre wear on and off the track and how to correct damping.

    I'd certainly take the time to understand the process and how each adjuster works and effects your bike. It's very hard to explain what your bike is doing without understanding what to feel for and what can be corrected, even if you're not doing the adjustments yourself.

    Most certainly +1 to getting your suspension set up or doing it yourself. Best time/money you can spend on your bike.
  8. This is something I've been meaning to get done, can anyone recommend a place in Melbourne? (preferably east side)

    I will eventually learn how to do it myself but for now I probably don't know enough about riding to know what's right.