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Best 250cc for Clubsport lite racing?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimtron83, May 7, 2013.

  1. Hey all, I've been on a couple of track days and really enjoyed my time on the track.

    What I'd like to know is what would be the best bike to use to race???

    I'm not aiming to be the next Casey Stoner or Doohan, I just love the idea of good friendly competition and a place where I can improve my own skills,

    I've been looking at a CBR250RR MC19, Suzuki Bandit, ZX2R etc etc. My aim is to stick within a budget, $4000,00 turn key racing, and be able to ride and not punish my bank account.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

  2. RGV250, RS250? Are you allowed two strokes?
  3. 2007 rules from http://prestonmcc.com.au/index.php?topic=226.0

    You are probably going to need club membership so why not join a club and get the inside info from them?
    You might find a Bike used in that category up for sale which will already be set up ready to compete. Save you the hassle of going through all the mods needed for it to comply (more in the link provided).
  4. Personally I'd be looking at something like a GPX/ZZR 250. All other things being equal it won't be as fast as the four cylinder bikes and the suspension won't be of the standard of a 250 sports bike. However, all things are unlikely to be equal. The sports 250s in your budget will be old and are likely to be comprehensively shagged, thus negating some of the theoretical advantage and, being old and in declining numbers, will be harder to find bits for when you break them.

    So buy a mechanically decent ZZR, chuck away as much weight off it as you can, put sticky tyres on it and ride its wheels off until it breaks or you crash it. Then fix it with the vast supply of used parts available and ride its wheels off again.
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  5. Same as what I'll hopefully be doing to my gpx at the end of this year when I upgrade to a 636
  6. And fair enough too. The only disadvantage I see for using the GPX over the ZZR is that, IIRC, the GPX has 16" wheels which limits rubber choices.
  7. Have you looked at 600cc bikes, there are plenty used race bikes for that price, also lockwired and everything......they might not look pretty and might not be the fanciest one around but it should still be competitive...........if its not lockwired then spend a few bobs on a bit and lockwire it.

    As for control tyres, lots of people only do a fwe laps on a tyre and throw them out/sell em..................great bargain can be had :).
  8. Have a look through Formula Xtreme classifieds. Bikes come and go on that site and most bikes are race prepped with spares.


    Clubsport Lites class was down on numbers a couple of years ago making racing some what boring. There were only about 4 on a regular basis in the F3 group (F3 consisted of 250 prod, 400 (stock/mod) and Vtwins) mainly in Interclub, VicTitles had maybe 6. I'd check with current racing events to see what the numbers are these days...if the numbers have picked up, you'd have ball :).
  9. Thanks heaps for all of the comments, I'm still keen on a slightly smaller bike purely because I'd rather ride the bike hard, than have the bike ride me. But in saying that, if the right bike comes along, I'll go for it :)
  10. Double check the entry rules, I dont think Gpx and zzr's are eligable any more... actually I have the 2013 GCR's here... bear with me...
  11. This years road racing rules are here: http://www.motorcyclingvic.com.au/f...rs/Event_Admin/2013_MoMS/CHAPTER_15_29JAN.pdf

    With a budget of $4k, have you though about Pre-Modern (Bikes older than 10 years)? Just putting it out there.. We had 12 bikes on the grid for last Sundays Interclub.

    Interclub is a god place to start, this is from their regulations/entry form:

    250 cc 4-STROKE EVENT: Machines complying with the basic requirements of the 250 Production class introduced by MA
    in 2012 will be able to enter this class. At the time of writing (Jan. 2013), eligible machines are Kawasaki Ninja 250R (released
    2008); Honda CBR250R (released 2011); Hyosung GT250R (released 2008); Megelli 250R and 250SE; Daelim VJF250
    (released 2009).

    However you might be able to go for Formula 4: 125 GP, Superlites, 2-stroke Singles (over 200c.c.), Supermono/Supermotard
    (4-stroke, up to 2 cylinders),250c.c. Road Based Machines