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Best 250 sports?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by italiano, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Got my Ls 2 years ago but lost my licence and sold my bike.

    Now time to get a bike (and licence) again. My last bike was a cbr250rr, but I've always loved the ninjas. Wanted opinions on cbr250rr vs zxr250rr.

    Which is higher quality build? Which has better sorted suspension? What's the weight of the ninja? Does the zxr have that kawasaki growl?
  2. But you are forgetting the best 250 sports....The Across...
  3. Look at your name and think Aprilla RS250.
  4. Nope, I like screamers ;)

    Also, what about the fzr250rr?

    Also what are decent prices? I'm in syd and bikes will cost more around here. Price isn't really a problem, I just don't wanna be ripped off. Is it risky getting from from Vic or Qld? Free custom paint sounds pretty good.

    I don't really mind grey imports. Not looking for resale value or low insurance. Just as long as it's good mechanically.

    What do the FZR and ninja sound like? I know the ninja revs as high as the cbr...what about the FZR? like i said I love screamers...just remember hitting the city in 1st-2nd gear, sounded crazy.
  5. not really into 2 strokes. anyway the aprilia isn't legal for Ls in nsw.

    I want to get a 250 to start off with just to get back into it, and to put me on my Ps. might get a bigger bike (zx6r?) then.

    Checked the RTA website, can't tell if it's just a fine for riding a bigger bike or whether it costs points?
  6. Revs just as high as the other two (17500-18000 red line), and sounds great IMHO! The three bikes are abuot equivelant according to their spec sheets. With the fzr it is a grey import, and as such they tend to be less expensive than the other two. But there are drawbacks - there are no english service manuals, parts are sometimes hard to find (as they are not listed in parts manuals all the time), and also realise that they have not been manufactured since 1994 even if they were complianced recently you will still have a 10 year old bike - which isn't a bad thing, but something to realise.

    With all that said I rode a 1989 fzr 250 for 2.5 years and about 35 000 k's and had a blast doing it and experienced no major problems. Great bang for the buck!!!
  7. Now that we know your from NSW, why nother with a 250??

    Doesnt the LAMS law let you ride something bigger like an SV 650??

    Bigger bam for ya buck.
  8. Watch the grey imports its very hard to find insurance for them if you're on your L plates.

  9. good point. never even looked at anything else.

    as for insurance, won't be getting full comp. Just a total ripoff. Insurance is like making a bet at the casino, ie it's a bad bet. The only benefit of insurance is not having to pay costs upfront (eg if your bike is totaled, you might pay $1000 insurance over 10 years instead of 10k at once to replace it). While losing 5-7k (or 10-15k on a bigger bike) might p!ss me off, I can afford to replace it.
  10. And who pays for that shiny, silver merc you just t-boned?
  11. never said I wouldn't get 3rd party...
  12. May I present my inexperienced L-plater view on this issue.

    I went to Sydney City Motorcycles and they said I could buy this shiny CBR250 RR for 8 grand with 40,000 km on it and they when I upgrade in a years time, they'll give me 5 grand for it.

    But then I thought I'd be riding around on my L's worried I'd be dropping the thing and scratcing the fairings and stuff so I went out and found a bike with scratched fairings on both sides and a little surface rust which I got out with some elbow grease.

    ZZR 250, 18,000 km, 3 grand and it goes great. In a years time, I'll sell it and buy a 600. I know we all take pride in what our bikes look like but it's a 250 that you'll be on for a year, do you really need to spend all that money?
  13. i was thinking the same thing. Trying to buy a bike now, don't think i can justify spending lots
  14. Welcome to the forum RobbieC my advice buy something cheap & save the big bucks for when your off your restrictions. You'll have more experience & will want to keep your bike longer!
  15. :shock: $8k for a CBR250RR with 40000km, they were trying to rip you a new one. You can easily get ones for $6000 with about 15-20000km and I'd consider that expensive.

    If you curious about prices for your bike check out http://www.redbook.com.au/Mcycle/default.asp to give you an idea of what the insurance industry values bikes at. Looks like they just updated their site in the last few days as well.

    Glad you didn't take that option even though they are a great bike.

    Welcome to netrider RobbieC.
  16. Yeah ok you caught me, I was exagerating slightly :oops:

    Yeah I love the RR's and I considered getting one but as Bond Girl said, only 1 year, and then I will just put lots of dosh into a nice 600 that I can keep for longer.

    Thanks for the welcome guys. As if riding isnt addictive enough, the whole riding community is so friendy, if you're not riding, your on the computer reading the forums!!!! :D
  17. Hi I have a Fzr250. I had no prob with insurance and the bike cost me $2500. That was with 10 months single seat rego, new sprocket and chain.

    Bike's good :) CBR250's are ok, but generally a rip off. get somethiung cheap, if you crash it *what the hell*
    I got my bike fully insured for $220.

    Please don't let anyone steer u towards an across. My 3.6 tonne diesel truck is faster and handles better.
  18. If you are looking at he cbr250rr.... 8 grand is a total rip!

    I got mine for 5 grand with 24thousand on the clock (slightly high but it WAS in good nick and looked and sounded great).

    My housemate got his cbr250rr with 14grand on the clock for 6grand and his is in perfect nick.
  19. im in the same possition as you
    same shop:
    CBR250R brand new paint fairings tyres ect, 10,000 on the clock with 6month warrenty, rego helmet gloves (i assume cheap ones which i would upgrade anyway)
    ZXR250 brand new paint fairings tyres ect again 10,000 on the clock, and deal as the CBR with the helmet gloves ect..

    CBR250R - $6,100 ride away
    ZXR250 - $6,500 (i think it was) ride away

    both look in great condition both older bikes, real early 90's (i think)

    or i have another shop saying they have a CBR250RR soo for me but its been 2 weeks and nothing still?

    should i wait for the RR over the R? or should i go for the CBR or ZRX opinions?
    thanks in advance
  20. CBR250R - Its a Grey Import (Check out insurance ahead of time), not as an extreme seating position at the RR. Great little bike, had one for my first but couldn't get insurance on my L plates, crashed the bike and couldn't afford to get back into bikes for 2 years.

    CBR250RR - Should be fine but insurance is usually more expensive than say VTR250.