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Best 250 Naked

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Clayt0nB, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Yes, Another one of these threads. I have searched a lot and gone through a few threads on 250 naked's but they were from 05 - 07, so this is I guess, a more updated thread.

    I'm looking for a Naked 250, not a dull VTR either.

    I love the hornet/bandit but are they too uncommon/old now? I would think that parts would be fairly hard to find and the lowest KM's hornet on bikesales is 25000ks...
    I like the inline 4 of them though...

    Any other nice naked 250's worth looking at?

    If you need it, I'm 170cm 60kg.
  2. Dull???

    Them's fightin' words!

    ETA: Just kidding - everyone has different likes/dislikes.
  3. Just not a big fan of them.

    Are there more inline 4 250's? there must be!
  4. Well, if you're looking for something new, a basic search on bikepoint gives these results - http://tinyurl.com/7gtd6pa

    I was looking at the VTR250, ended up with a GS500 - but then, I'm twice your size.
  5. the best 250 naked is a wr250x.

    and you can turbo them.

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  6. Not too big of a fan of brands like "Megelli" and "Pagsta"
  7. Yamaha FZX-250 FTW!!!


    But old and clapped out now farken.
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  8. EXC 250 motard. You may have to build one.
  9. The VTR is anything but Dull, I had a blast on my new one today.

    Apart from you liking the 4cyl bikes, a motard is the most exciting 250 around right now.
  10. I do quite like the Zeal.

    Aren't there any newer naked 250's inline 4? Like >2005?

    Seems they are all 90's
  11. Unfortunately it's due to market demand from newbs insisting on fairings on 250s that can only go 150kms an hour anyway. It's happy days for the manufacturers as well, replacing fairings on frequently dropped newbie bikes is a tidy earner for them and many dodgy factories in China as well.
  12. I guess the VTR's aren't THAT bad, I could work with one being only 60kg.
  13. Same weight and height as you. I wanted a bandit/hornet but barely any around. Ended up with a VTR, everyone thinks it's bigger than it is haha.


    Edit: Theres also a naked 4 cyc Kwaka, can't remember the name of it, its 1990s though like the rest.
    Edit2: found it, ZR250.
  14. Is that a good or bad thing?

    Looked at them a little, but I want something I can thrash and learn a lot on, 250.

    Also did look at gs500
  15. The vtr will teach you a lot, the bigger the bike the less you learn IMO. The vtr is fast enough to get you into trouble and light enough to teach you about cornering.

    Though the motards are even better.
  16. Get an old Cbr250 and turn it into a mini streetfighter. Prob solved.
  17. There's two vtr's for sale in the classifieds as well ;)
  18. Yeah thats why I want a 250.

    I don't know much about motards, anything you can recommend I look at?
  19. The wr250x that jimmy suggested is a good choice as is the drz400. Now i know that isnt a 250 but it make similar power to the vtr and weighs about the same so...

    Jus saw your height, motards might be a bit tall if you are learning. You might want to try one on.

    My friend rides a drz400sm and we couldnt shake him on R1's (when i had one) and other supersports down some roads when they get tight and bumpy. He can get his power down, what he has and we were just floundering.
  20. Hornet 250 mate seriously get one it is the best ****ing bike for a learner who wants a two fiddizzle.


    Good comfort.
    Good brakes (same brake as 600cc but only 1 rotor).
    180 section rear tire.
    chain is from a 600cc, and so it does not wear out for ages because its designed to cope with 3x the power.
    Sounds great, power is very useable around town, bike slices through traffic.
    Its pretty much as fast as a learner bike needs to be.
    Very confidence insipiring to ride hard, i ride mine most weekends on old road, ive got no chicken strips and its been like that for a long time. It is a very good sports bike for a learner, much more capeable then a ninja 250 or something else, the only things better would be like a VFR400 or a CBR250RR and its competitors, thats not including the restricted bikes, i consider that a different category of learner bikes.

    As for parts, i have had no problems, i know Toadcat crashed my bike when it was under his ownership, and im pretty sure lloyd penn didnt have many troubles getting it fixed, most stuff is either from a 600cc or a CBR250R MC19 engine. Things like oil filters and consumables are generally whatever a MC19 would need, bar a few things that are specific to the hornet in the ignition system i think, but you can get these parts overnight shipping from japan.

    Seriously this is a great bike, for a learner bike it doesnt look crap, it has nice chunky parts from a bigger bike, this means its completly over engineered. If you can pick up a good one it will be reliable and great. honestly, the reason more people dont have these is because getting a good one is a challange. but its worth it. I get nodded at a lot on my hornet too, even when commuting when most people dont nod for obvious reasons.

    Just buy a hornet, at least ride one. PM me if you want specific stuff, i can probably find you this scan of a magazine article where they compare it to a number of different bikes in that class, its from a uk magazine, pretty much they said the hornet is the best bike.

    EDIT: Trust me this is a good bike, its great for everything, ive done 14 hour rides on it, ridden it to uni filtering like a frenchmen, ridden it knee down on old road most weekends, ridden it on dirt roads and 4x4 tracks in the brindabellas outside of canberra trying to find the states best road. Its been so perfect, honestly you need to buy this bike because i spent ages writing this to convince you.
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