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Best 250 Cruiser? Advice anyone?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bombus, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Hi All

    Here's my first post!

    Apologies if this topic has been done to death a million times before, and if so, can someone post a link to the topic??

    After pissing around for a bit on a 50cc scooter :p (I live near the beach - good fun for short stints in Summer) I've finally had enough and wanna get my licence. Of course, I'm restricted to a 250 to start off with, and I like the look of:

    Yamaha V-Star 250
    Suzuki Intruder LC
    Hyosung Aquila
    Kawasaki Eliminator 250v

    I like the styling of the Hyosung and the Intruder, but I think the blend of old and modern styling combined of the Kawasaki Eliminator takes my fancy.

    I'm not up on the best brands for relaibility etc and would appreciate any advice/opinions from those in the know.

    Cheers all! :)
  2. They are all good bikes, buy the one that you think is the best looking.
  3. Voyager and I have a mate asking prety much the same question...
    Voyager did a little research and put this together which may help you...

    1. an air cooled motor will have less overall grunt that a water cooled one, as it has to be lazier in order to stay cool. Most traditional V-Twin cruiser motors are air cooled. The Yamahas I know are air cooled. The Hyosung and Honda are water cooled, hence why they outrun the yamahas.

    2. Your bike, whichever you get, SHOULD be capable of doing 110kph with something left in reserve. a 120-130kph top speed is all you can realistically expect from a 250cc cruiser, but you need to be able to do the highway limit or your bike is going to be frustrating and provide a bad riding experience.

    Some tech specs are below, but read them with a grain of salt - a powerful bike thats uncomfortable is going to be just as unpleasant as an underpowered one. V-Twins will be torqueir down low and have a more classic chugging engine note.

    Yamaha Virago
    23hp @ 8000rpm, 2.2kg-m @ 6000rpm, 132kg dry, 9lt tank, 17sec quarter mile @ 120kph. Air cooled V-Twin.
    Lowest power of the lot, also the lowest revving motor. Small tank size but very lean on the juice - you'll get 200km before reserve on the highways. Lightest bike too. Think of this as the benchmark bike - in order to market a successful 250cc cruiser, this is the bike they're all compared against.

    Hyosung Aquila
    30hp @ 10500rpm, 20.6Nm @ 7300rpm, 150kg dry, 14lt tank. Liquid cooled V-Twin
    Newest of the range. Good HP, big tank, full size bike. Solid motor, sufficient OEM and limited 3rd party accessories for them. Attractive bike, looks bigger than it actually is.

    Kawasaki Eliminator
    33hp @ 12500rpm, 1.7kg-m @ 9900rpm, 155kg wet, 11lt tank, 16.0sec quarter mile @ 127.8kph. 6 speed. Water cooled parallel twin.
    Most powerful of them, but (engine-wise) the least cruiser-like. More upright seating position than others. Uncommon on the market but a good buy. Engine/gearbox in here is the same as Jason's bike I believe.

    Honda V25C
    26.7hp @ 10000rpm, 22.6Nm @ 7500rpm, 171kg dry, 11lt tank, liquid cooled V-Twin
    Popular 250. Looks quite aggressive, heavy for a 250. Can be pricey second-hand. A tad low to the ground on corners from all reports, although I've not got first hand accounts of that.

    Suzuki Intruder
    24hp @ 8500rpm, 23Nm @ 6000rpm, 143kg dry, 12lt tank, Air cooled V-Twin
    Think of this as the "Virago +1". Similar motor and size, just a little upgraded on tank size, minor power differences, etc.
  4. I ride a Kawasaki VN 250 cc Eliminator, I baught it brand new back in Aug 05 , and have done 7 thousand k's on it. I was in the same stage as you are now, and baught the bike as I wanted a water cooled engine mainly. The Kawasaki and the Honda are the only 2 I think which are water cooled. The Kawasaki performs better than the Honda largely due to the 6 speed gear box, as opposed to the 5 speed in the honda. I enjoy it very much, if you would like to meet up some time and take a look, your more than welcome.

  5. Bombus,

    I rode a Honda VT250C when on restrictions and enjoyed every minute of it. It's very much a personal taste thing, though the Honda is a reliable option, and for me, the aggressive styling was a winner. It is a little heavier, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, and if you're into cruisers, weight and lack of ground clearance are a fact of life.
  6. Cheers for the info Fuzz - I'm actually in West Oz though...bit of a trek to take you up on checking the bike out! :grin:
  7. Falcon Lord - TOP INFO! :cool:

    That's pretty much perfect and what I was after - cheers to everyone who has replied so far...

    keep the info and opinions coming though - you can never have too much or too many IMO!

    I'll post what my final decision is and hopefully a couple o' pics to go with it when i make the purchase... :wink:
  8. Mate; the only bike not mentioned so far is the Yamaha xvs v-star 250 of which I am a proud owner. I originally had a 2nd hand Virago but traded up to brand new v-star. What sold me was the longer, lower frame and big bike features and feel. Very similar to the suzuki intruder but better. Personal opinions are like A-holes yeh? Do yourself a favour and include the v-star on your test ride list. Good luck.
  9. Thanks for the thread, I'm in almost the same situation.

    I originally was stuck on the idea of getting a VT250C, but considering the price these bikes are pulling and their age, I'm now considering the Hyosung - My local dealer gave me an 'over-the-phone' price of $6800 on road. The 2 year warranty also helps as this will be my first road going bike, and I dont want any big expenses.

    What do you guys think about this price? What should I be able to get it for!
  10. Hyosung. its the korean word for you might be sorry :grin:
  11. 'Might' seems to be the answer I keep getting. There is such a split view on these bikes.

    Any GV250 owners care to comment?
  12. 250 cruiser thoughts

    hi all being a new member but an old 250 rider you may like to consider thes observations
    the hyosung is an air oil cooled v twin with a lot of grunt for roll ons (in gear acceleration) it will also turn in a lot better than the honda. the honda is smother in the engine and has a more forward riding style. being water cooled the honda is quieter has a quick take off but 4th & 5th are cruise only. the two compromises on the hyosung are the brakes just get the fronts changed on the 1st service. the switches feel cheap but i have had no problem with them over the last year. the susuki and yamaha are industry stansards but are old tech and to me are boring. remember that boring is subjective make up you own mind. my gv250 get a lot more looks than the honda or even a friends volute 700 cruiser so there must be some style there. a set of slash cut pipes will get the hyosung sounding right as well. oh yeh modify the pillon seat and move the handel bars forward a bit if you are a bit taller. i'm 6ft fro a comparison