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best $12 I have ever spent

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Enigma, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Since I had a week off work this week, I had time to myself to think on what I can do to the bike.

    So what struck me is that the bike had a grey colored piece of body work which was too distracting to the green/black theme of the bike.

    Before picture here..


    After much contemplating on what to do with it. I headed over to my local automotive paint store to see if I could get a vial of Kawasaki's secret 'lime green pearl' mixed up, of which they said it was a 3 layer paint process and they were unable to supply me the paint as no paint codes were available. Damn you Kawasaki!

    Oh well, so I decided on the next best thing. Semi matt Satin black.

    After handing over $12 dollars for a 500gram can, I hurried home to start painting.

    Here is the end result. Best $12 I have ever spent on the bike. Next week, I am going to spray the rearsets/plastic trims the same black to blend these items in to the newly painted belly pan


  2. $12 very well spent!! well done :) looks good..
  3. nice work.

    best 12 dollars i've ever spent recently is a motorcycle cargo net for the pillion seat.
    very handy. can just shove anything in there. usually KFC in my case. but sometimes maccas.
    will be using it shortly to take my cat to the vet actually.
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  4. Orly,

    Where do you get one of those nets? I'd be interested too ;)

  5. Best $12 i ever spent is on Kenco shift it. Cleans oil and grime splattered rims to look like new!
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  6. Good one Rob - post up more pics once you've sprayed the other bits. Looking good!

  7. sorry to hijack nice green bike thread. but got mine of eGay. just a little bungee netting with hooks around the edges. they vary fom 5-15 bucks. from Hong Kong with bamboo hooks spraypainted to look liked plastic. to brand name ones, metal nylon covered hooks. to deluxe ones, like mine, with solid plastic non-scratch hooks and extra bungeeness
    just google 'cargo net motorcycle'
  8. pick up graffers paint...preferably crunch...far far better quality aerosol...prob pick it up for under 10 bob aswell
  9. feet down or up? take a photo!!
  10. Not to derail the thread... but I have a picture stuck in my head of a cat pinned to the pillion seat by a cargo net, unable to move. I demand pics of this.

    A real shame that you couldn't get it in the green to match, it would have been really good to see that highlight the bottom of the engine casing rather then more black. A good cheap project for the day off !
  11. The best $12 spent on a motorcycle.


    She-e-e-e ... That'd probably be a great big roll of super duty cloth backed race tape. It's duct tape on steroids.

    Q: What can you do with that?

    A: Anything you damn like!

    You can hem your jeans.
    You can make knee sliders.
    You can repair a broken fairing.
    You can secure a seat back on a crashed bike.
    You can patch the hole where the piston escaped the crankcases and ride home.
    You can extend the life of your tyres for one last week ...
    You can secure a drunk to the rider's back and the pillion pegs.

    And you all know why you wrap hamsters on duct tape, don't you? :angel:
  12. Use some of that to do the pillion footpegs. 5 min job and worth it.
  13. Definately, those parts will be sprayed next :)

    On another note, all good on the deriailing, getting some good ideas on my next $12 to spend.

    Cargo net, here I come.

    @kneedragon, mate. I love that stuff, I bought a bulk pack years ago from bunnings. Best thing I have done with it is make a swing out of it for my little cousins. Held up just fine!! No rips.

  14. Perhaps a late post, however:

    He/she who told you that you cannot get the paint code for kawasaki's lime green paint code is incorrect.

    The paint code is "617 lime green".

    If you are unable to source it locally; ColoRite in the US will ship you touch up pens or a 3 ounce bottle (90ml) which should be adequate for you job.

    There is also a frame and swing paint code, which is "18R super flat black" and a paint code for the engine which is "8F flat stoic black".
  15. Is that for his model bike???....Kawasaki has used a few different green's all VERY different ;).....And I think kawasaki uses PPG color's
  16. According to coloRite it is, I cant confirm whether they use PPG paints; I know there are different greens via the kwaka range.

    On another note, have you been able to source PPG paint locally? I didn't have much luck.

    I ordered a bottle for touch ups for future use from coloRite; tried it on a test panel and I was pretty impressed with the colour match.
  17. Code 617/7k is just the base lime green coat (like the earlier model zx6 and the white/green ninja 250's etc) With the later models, they introduced a gold/yellow pearl to the mix, of which Kawasaki will not tell me the codes ( my local kwaka dealer said nop )

  18. I go to a 'paint guy' down here that sells to the trade. If you can find a similar supplier there, they can get the codes for you. They will have released them to the trade, because bikes need to be repaired from time to time. I wouldn't try the dealer anyway. they just want to sell you new panels.

    I was also able to get the PPG paint for an early 80s Honda local too. It's around if you look in the right places.

    These guys can mix it and put it in spray cans for you too, although that's a relatively expensive option if you already have a delivery system.

    Oh, and there's nothing particularly special about the 3 layer process either. It's likely an basecoat (maybe white, maybe silver, maybe something else), the top coat (your green), and a clear.

    (FWIW I think I would have gone for green on that part ;) )

  19. Thanks,

    I'll dedfinately be on the lookout, but the guy I went to (rigoli) could not even source a code for me too >.<

    For my preference, I would much rather green as it gives a bit of dimension to the overall look of the bike. (as it was my first preference)

    But hell, black is better than that bad grey colour.
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    Nice. Got a good chukle out of this