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Best 1000cc Sportsbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Flylo, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Hey all, as the title suggests....I'm looking at a 1000cc sportsbike. I want a lot of horsepower and great handling. I have a CBR1000, ZX10 and an R1 in mind....but, Which model? What year?

    Can you give me exact horspower at the rear wheel?...Thanks in advance
  2. Pssst Not a good question.
    You will be more confused the more you hear or read.
    RWHP mean shoite. There is about 40hp between the lot and you could throw a blanket over the lot at the end of a qtr mile.
    If it's RWHP then the Buzza or ZX14 and a turbo.
    There is no such thing as a bad bike amongst the new breed of superbikes.
    Get your budget worked out. Scan Bikesales to see whats in your budget. Hit the dealers to test ride all the ones you like.
    Truly is the only way to go champ.
    Besides all that Ducati of course ha ha (sic)
  3. Actually I'd give the Ducati a first look. The winner of this production race turned up on his own with his bike on a modest trailer like a regular track day person. The few bikes he was ahead of turned up in semi-trailers with factory mechanics and spare bikes. Click here for results.

    And what about the gixxer (close to my heart because I own one)?

    How handy are you around a race track? Are you good enough to punt a serious litre bike against the best in the country? If not, then just buy the one that looks prettiest.......that's what I did. :)
  4. I want a bike that goes hard and handles well.....
  5. So pretty much any litre supersport....
  6. lol general much? My advice is seriously go ride some bikes... paper stats gets you nowhere. Not to mention you havn't told us if you actually would know how to ride one properly let alone to its potential... the whole "i want a fast bike that handles well" is teenager talk. A shitload of bikes go fast and handle well, just about any 600cc bike will mow down 90% of cars on the road if your a traffic light racer. On the track You'd need some serious skill to get a 1000cc up to pace with some intermediate's on 600's.
  7. That's why I'm asking....I don't want to ride them all...
  8. All being around 5 - 6 bikes max? You listed 3 so far, if you've ridden them already thats a good start. They all have a different feel that may or may not suit you better regardless of its hp. (which nowdays is seriously a bee's dick between the lot of the supersports)
  9. CT 110

    1100cc's of get up and go ;)

    Light and handles like a dream
  10. He said superbike not super legend. LOL The best bike ever made. Full stop. I own two of them.
    Seems like a fluffer post
  11. VTR 1000. it's a twin, sounds fantastic, can pillion, puts out 140ish bhp
  12. How tall are you? I'm 6ft 2 and can't fit comfortably on an R1....

    I'll second what others have said and go and ride some bikes dude!
  13. say what? not a firestorm thats for sure. the sp1/sp2 would be close though.

    but on topic, dude just get out and ride them its that simple. buy what you like because they all are pretty powerful and good handling. its like asking for a car with 4 wheels.
  14. Already have one...and they are an awesome bike!!! Ride it daily.
  15. The answer is quite simple. It's the one ridden by the best rider. ](*,)
  16. Write down each of the following on separate pieces of paper.


    Put the pieces of paper into a hat.

    Draw one out of the hat.

    Then buy the BMW.
  17. Inline four with plenty of power and awesome handling!!!
  18. Ok...show me the bike.....
  19. I may have missed it, but WHAT riding experience do you have? Are you going coming straight off restrictions onto something that you appear to know nothing about. For example you DON'T have to ride a litre bike to get great handling, nor do you need a litre bike for big top end speed, and torque, you can get torque from a yammy 650 cruiser.