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Best 1000 Supersport for 09?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurse, May 12, 2009.

  1. So I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new GSX-R 1000 K9. Looked at a review inparticular, it's the MCN review. They track test all the new 09 1000s.

    What I don't get is, on the track test, you can see the rider on the R1 popping it up and still outrunning the rider of what looks to be the new CBR. Now in my opinion the R1 can't be THAT much faster than the CBR so much so that the R1 could beat the CBR in a straight line on one wheel. This must be rider ability.

    So how can they give an accurate review when you have differant riders with more or less experiance. Obviously you'd try to get riders with all similar abilities. Another thing is, the end result was that the R1 beat all the other 1000's by 2 seconds!! But seeing the R1 rider, he was ahead the whole time, could the R1 be SO much better than the other 1000s this year? I think not.

    It's the MCN review by the way on youtube.

    Also does anyone know what colours we are getting for the K9 Gixxer?
    Also, I saw a Black with a red frame R1, pretty sure it was an oversea vid though, are we getting that colour aswell? Anyone know the colours for the R1 09s?
  2. kurse

    the 09 R1 is avaliable now in three colours. the white with the red frame and swing arm you saw will be one of them, there are also the black and with gold rims and the traditional blue and black.

    the 09 R1 also has the new cross plane crank shaft that the CBR and GSX-R do not have. but in the end the riders abiltiy has a huge impact

    The most accurate review of all the new 1000s will be the AMCN austest when it is released.
  3. They wii all be far better than any of us
  4. I can't speak for MCN but, for example, Motorcycle USA usually has everyone take turns on each bike; usually 3-5 riders and bikes.
  5. they were inviting readers to go watch the austest at eastern creek. i cant remember when they were doing it, did anyone go / going?
  6. If deciding which bike was "best" depended on their speed around the track in the hands of a skilled rider; we'd all be buying 500cc 2-strokes.

    You will find all the journo's tested all the bikes.

    They will all also have a play with all the toys: trip computers, lap timers, cruise-control, ABS - whatever the thing has got, the riders will be testing it out.

    They'd be pretty piss-weak reviews if the journo hops on the bike and rides around the track too fast to be able to pay attention to anything other than the tarmac.
    We want to hear about the motorcycle; not a lap-time.
  7. I'm looking to get one that's all, it's really out of the R1 or the GSX-R for me. not really interested in the CBR or Ninja.

    I had an 08 gixxer and loved the power of it, so torquey. I used to own an 04 R1 but hated the fact it had no balls down low compared to my Gix.

    Apparantly they've 'smoothed out' the power of the new Gix so it's not as aggressive, that scares me cause I want that raw power feel. But if it's still more torquey than the R1 I'd have to go with the Gix.

    I had a look at the new R1 in the flesh, the rear looks fat, and the fairings look well....f%^ked lol...they've screwed up the look of the lights too retarded looking bike in my opinion, not sure if it'd grow on me.

    So cause I'm looking to buy one, I'd like the fastest and best handling bike. Now I am well aware I'll prolly never be able to ride it at its' full capacity, but I don't care. I see it as why should I settle for less when I can have more?

    Track times are important to me cause I'll be using it omn the track aswell as the road. By the way, yes, I will be test riding everything :)
  8. Listening closely to that MCN video it sounds like they all went out for a ride, but that one rider rode all the bikes for the actual recorded lap times. That is, the video shown doesn't actually represent the test. They also make the point that the R1 wins at Cartagena but on a different track there may have been another winner.
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  10. Cracks me up that people put so much thought into which modern 1000cc is better. They are all epic, just go for which one looks/sounds/rides best when you test ride.
  11. So true. They don't make bad bikes anymore (at least not in this class).
  12. I've got my friends to show up as far as beating em all in the twistys :LOL:

    If I can have an edge, I'll take it :p

    Anyone know what colours we're getting as far as the gixxers go?

    From what I've heard so far, we aren't getting the Black/Dark Cherry red is this true? That's the one I had my heart set on, looks awesome [and red is faster :wink: ]
  13. If an edge is what you are after, why not get the 1198S or wait for the BMW?
  14. Too expensive. I'm not THAT keen for an edge :D Starting off with full exhaust and dyno, then work engine more down the track. I'm thinking the GSXR. I rode an 08, loved it, apparantly the 09 handles even better and is lighter, so yeah :)
  15. So do you want an edge or not?

    If you really want an edge, do some advanced track school, spend a few dollars on getting the 'spenders up to speed and dialled in for your weight, style and ability.

    Dollars spent on a pipe are largely wasted. You might liberate a few hp, but you're so rarely there it's much better spent on the things that allow you to hold speed into corners.
  16. Doing track school. Got money set aside already. Got my mind set on the track school more than anything, I'm not some young dumb noob wog. I'm a 25 year old dumb wog :-]
  17. too right.. no one on this or any other forum can use any of the 1000cc bikes to their full potential (without being locked up for life) on the road and maybe even the track.. let alone a 600cc supersport..

    buy which ever gives you a stiffy and feels comfy to ride
  18. Hmm, as an example, I'm pretty sure Alex Gobert's on here.
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    I'd go the 09 R1 if I was buying new this year. All reviews i've seen have said the R1 dominates. But thats not why i'd get one.

    gHBmVNoG0Js[/media]]This is :twisted:
  20. I would go the 09r1. I ride a 08 gixxer and came up againest a 09r1 the other day at the lights. It had aftermarket exhausts on it and sounded really good. I didn't like the front at 1st either but is growing on me.