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[Berwick] quick cash/beer for 1/2 hr. of your time today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slyfox, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. hi guys, heading to look at a bike tomorrow located in Berwick at some stage in the arvo. i have minimum knowledge bike mechanically speaking, and would love someone who lives near-by to come have a look, and perhaps a test ride who knows a bit about bikes.. also to say 'nahh mate, that one we saw earlier was a better deal..unless you can get a couple of hundred off the asking price' :p :D

    i'd be willing to buy the helpful person a slab of carlton/vb etc for their troubles or the cash instead if that's more to your liking.

    also up for grabs is a never used green neon bar lamp with the Becks Beer logo for the hired help :p (though it does need an Aus. power adaptor)

    the bike should be in very good condition anyway from the description but having a helping hand can't hurt. (zzr250)

    sorry for the bloody late notice!! :oops:
  2. as for contacting me give me a call on 0400889991 or just prank me and i'll return your call.. after 10am :p

    if more than one person can help out i'm probably wisest to take the offer of the most bike savvy person, rather than first in best beered up, hope that's ok :)
  3. Victorian motorcycle inspections

    i havent got the number on me , but $99
    full inspection and report
    (at work)
    but give me a ring after 8;30 and i can give it to you , if thats any help.
  4. Now there's an offer no self-respecting Netrider could refuse, surely? A chance to look at bikes and a slab for your trouble?????
    You will be besieged with offers, you slyfox!
  5. reward you say? BEER you say? :D :D :D

    ummmmm.... i'm about to feck off for a ride around gembrook area and then down to pakenham, berwicks kinda on the way home for me there so i can lend a hand.

    i'll give you a buzz as i'm going through the area, you might have to direct me from princes hwy cos i dont know the area.....
  6. I rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Make it a 5 kilo tin of the finest coffee and i'm there.
  8. Hey Midnight, you gotta change you signature, it sounds like you are in mourning. It's only a game, ya know, and there's always next year, and Brisbane have won the AFL three years, so all is right with the world, surely??
  9. I am in mourning ,im still copping crap from every-one here :LOL: Not an AFL fan . League or union for me . On the up side i guess is my beloved Bronco's are on top . :D
  10. And not likely to be dislodged, Parramatta would be the only threat I would have thought.
    Just a gentle rib, mate, anyway.
    Talk about mourning, I used to be an Alain Prost tragic. I would sit up and watch the Grand Prix broadcasts, and if "le conq" won I was too excited to sleep, and if he didn't, or crashed out, I'd turn off the TV and go to bed. How sad is that?