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Berry St North Sydney , Mickyb Stranded.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dante, May 16, 2006.

  1. answer the phone and its micky be

    'Dante want to hear something funny'

    'sure' i say

    mickyb: ' some guy parked next to me has put his disc lock on MY bike.'

    so mickyB has a disc lock from another guys bike on his bike, now he cant 'Get Rolling'

    so if your in near North Sydney and want to keep mickyB company he is on berry st waiting for the owner of the other bike to come back.


    give mickyb a call if you have his number, im sure he is going to get boored and cold.
  2. WTF :shock: :shock:
    Ah well Micky at least your bike is safe :wink:
  3. Now THAT is a classic; hope it pans out OK. At least there's some nice food places up there :LOL:
  4. Oh i'm am so sorry for this but :rofl: God damn that is funny.
  5. lets hope this chap that has the lock on is not on night shift ay.
  6. Put you're disk lock on the other bike and wander off and let the owner suffer like you are is my theory.

    Seriously I'd call the law to do a rego check and try to track the owner to cause maximum embarrassment to him/her and hopefully speed things up cos with his luck the person will be on night shift or live close by.........
  7. OK drama is over now, guy has come back and re-leased the disc lock

    but 'guy' has left because he was afraid mickyb would beat him up.
  8. Ah, gees if only he hadn't remembered the disk lock :LOL:

    Micky could have been waiting a loonnnnggggg time :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    sorry to have laughed at your misfortune :nopity:
    but... :rofl:

    oh well..... it's not even a cute blonde... damn it
  10. How could that happened? :eek: :?
  11. He was evidently dazzled by the pure sex machine that the VTR250 is and wanted to keep one for himself.
  12. Finally home !!! :grin:

    Man ! . . . bloody FZ6N rider !!! :LOL:
    Nah, he was okay, he rang me apologising.
    But the funny thing is he left . . then rang me !!! :eek:

    I knew it was the FZ6N next to me. He was another typical Berry St Nth Sydney parker . . . parked like 1mm next to me. He must have walked away, forgot to put his disk lock on, came back and put it on mine.

    But then again !!
    FZ6N - twin front disks.
    VTR250 - single disk !

    FZ6N - Orange
    VTR250 - Black !

    FZ6N - alien head like head light
    VTR250 - round head light !

    hahahahaha :LOL:

    Oh well, I did get a laugh out of it. So did the other riders arriving to their bikes tonight.

    So mental note everyone !!

    chrissie, I was hoping it was a blonde chic rider ! :p
    and remember there is another SL230 near your work !! . . . it might happen to you ! :LOL: