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Berowra Barista undertaking some research

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by CoffeeMan, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Hello
    cafe owner/barista looking for a cheap alternative for getting to the caff and back in the cheapest and most effecient way possible... without looking like a try-hard... oh and has enough storage for some groceries...

    Guess its off to the scooter forum then.

    cheers for now and remember keep your creme thick and creamy

  2. Good morning!

    Scooters are extremely cheap and efficient, and have a lot more storage for groceries etc!

    I don't get down to the waters often enough, yet am only a 10 minute drive away (less, I think)... Can I have some free ice-cream?

    Hehe. I am hungry.. Should start thinking about dinner... Anywho, welcome to NR!!!

  3. G'day and welcome .

    Don't just look at the scooters ,A good Givi top box {Google for pictures} can hold a few groceries also .
    Also check out Ventura racks and bag ,{google for pic's}.
    Nothing wrong with a scoot ,you should see how supernego rides his :shock: :cool: .
    But don't rule out a bike.

    And I hope you make milk shakes for when we stop by ,I don't drink coffee.
    :wink: :LOL:
  4. Hey Coffeeman,

    Don't rule out a bike.....check out the Across it has it's very own glove box. I can tell you from experience it holds HEAPS. Just ask anyone that I've been on a ride with, they are amazed at just how much I fit into it (including an esky for a coldy).

    If you wanna have a look let me know & I'll come for a cruise up your neck of the woods & check out your coffee while you check out my bike.

    Sorry to be so rude, I haven't even welcomed you yet.
    WELCOME Coffeeman, enjoy the site, you'll meet some great people here.
  5. come one come all! Hi Kim, Sleddog and Holly. Thanks for your warm welcome wishes.

    Well the cafe is in St Leonards so you are all welcome to stop by if anyone works near there as it is a 5 day a week bizz. Would luv to make you all a hot or cold beverage. I make a mean banana smoothie and a Mocha you would want to marry... if it was legal of course.

    I haven't ruled out a bike but for some reason I got my heart set on a scooter and as you know a persons gotta follow their heart... eventhough practical reasoning is probably more reliable.

    anyway, cheers and thanks again.
  6. Scooters and coffee mix very well, don't they tony? :LOL:

    But seriously, IMO the best option is a scooter or a supersport bike.
  7. Hmmm i work a round stleonards a lot adress please lol , no seriously welcome mate .

  8. The other advantage of a scooter is that, other then a helmet, you don't have to wear any other protective gear.

  9. Did I just hear Banana Smoothie :grin: Count me in for the ride over there.
  10. I can vouch for the Across.

    ...But I won't try turning you off a scooter if thats what you want.

    Either way, get yourself a flip-up helmet so you can sip your latte at the lights.

    Do scooters come with cupholders?

  11.  Top
  12. 'Coz it doesn't hurt when you fall off, right? ...

    Meh, do what ya want.
  13. Zackly. It's got to do with the "sitting on a stool" riding position.

    It's also the reason an open face helmet is just fine.
  14. ^^ +1 :LOL:

    Spot on, ibast, and I heard that wearing leggings (for women, of course) combined with spaghetti strap top is the go - something about improving your aerodynamics.

    For guys, it helps if you wear a suit or retro goggles. Don't forget your scarf either!

  15. For those interested just look for Hot Black Potion Espresso Bar on Chandos Street.

    BTW my wife wants to know if its cool to wear a "Vespa" T-shirt while riding a different brand scooter?
  16. It's :cool: just to be riding, so tell her don't worry about the t-shirt (technicalities -petuhi).
  17. but you dont ride a scooter, you sit on it and move slowly.
    you ride a motorbike :cool:

    but seriously, welcome mate, make the most of the forums, theyre amazing.

    and make me a banana smoothie, and post it down to melb :wink:
  18. Surely for a coffee shop it needs to be a Ducati. Most likely the 1098 though. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Don't be silly. Everyone knows that smoothies don't taste very good when stored in paper envelopes.
  20. Coffee did someone say coffee ..... I love coffee...... the biggest welcome to you coffee man !!!! will pop in and try out your finest beverages soon :grin: No scooters you hear?? :LOL: :LOL: Cafe racer hmmm maybe!!