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Bernie Banton, state funeral, why?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Yes, maybe I'm a harsh b#stard, but can someone justify to me why this guy gets offered a State funeral? He's not a dignitary, he's not a celebrity. He's a guy who died from a workplace condition. Does everyone who dies in a workplace accident get a State funeral? Nope!

    Rant over :evil:

  2. I think its because he fought a huge multi-million dollar company for so many years, never gave up and finally won. Im sure his fight has made big corporations think twice about putting their workers in dangerous conditions. If he wouldn't of fought his family would of been left without an income and the company would of got away with knowingly putting him in an area that gave him a fatal disease.

    I think he is a hero and a strong crusader for workplace safety. He definately deserves a state-funeral more than a celebrity.
  3. better him than a "celebrity!"

    rip, mate.

    James Hardie, FCUK YOU!
  4. I agree with triway.
  5. Indeed. Mark is spot on.

    State funerals are going to appear to be meaningless if they are just going to toss them around like that.
  6. He fought to take care of the future of his family. There are thousands of people who do that every day around the country who get squat when they die, this guy just did it with a good media relations manager, that's the only difference.
  7. Well I guess you have a point
  8. Vale Bernie Banton.

    Bernie is a member of the Order of Australia and has done an enormous amount of work to make a company accountable for the danger it knowingly put its employees in. I think that giving him a state funeral is entirely appropriate.

    I think that state funerals should be reserved for people who have devoted part of their life to altruistic pursuits.

    Inappropriate state funerals:
    Kerry Packer - Tax Cheat
    Peter Brock - Wife beater
    Sir Joh - Corrupt, anti-democratic philistine.
    Steve Irwin (Offer declined by family) - TV identity & self promoter.
    Slim Dusty - Muso.
  9. guy is a hero and James Hardie are despicable criminals.
    My godfather suffered through mesothelioma and i wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.
  10. Understood, but did he get a state funeral?
  11. He didn't get a state funeral because of his disease, he got it because of the altruism he showed during his life in spite of his disease.

    Bernie didn't just fight James Hardie for himself, he made sure that a compensation fund was established for all victims. Hardie tried to avoid responsibility entirely by moving their entire company off-shore so they would be beyond the reach of Australian law. Bernie dragged them kicking and screaming back to the table through an incredible PR & education campaign.
  12. no but Hardie didn't pay his family out either, it wasn't until Bernie took the fight up to them.
    Regardless of what you think he deserves it because finally my godmother may get some solace.
    fcukin thieving crunts James hardie
    fcukin murdering crunts.
    they even tried to go offshore in order to avoid paying.
    Thieving deceitful crunts. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  13. James Hardie are the scum of the earth. When you get to the point where you put money before lives you deserve to be castrated then shot. I don't know if its media sensationalism but today I heard James Hardie attempted to get out of paying right before he died. Pieces of shit.
  14. I have little doubt that many large business' operate in a similar manner, JH are not alone.
  15. not as thieving murderous or despicable as those crunts.
    even the tobacco industries are not as despicable as these crunts.
  16. While I'm not laying personal judgement on any of the people mentioned, your villians are other people's heros. I'm sure some of the conservationist community might think that Steve Irwin probably deserved the honour given his altruistic pursuits. ANd country music fans I KNOW would think Slim is worthy.
  17. I know, that statement was meant for any business that operates in that manner :!:
  18. Anyone who challenges an evil company such as James Hardie deserves to be recognised. Future suffers will owe a lot to Bernie. If you ever worked insides James Hardie and looked how fcuked the management was (especially back in the late 80s early 90s), you will say hooray for someone like Bernie to stand up. Bernie allowed the public into his and his families' personal life and showed us what a suffers goes through. James Hardie had profited from worker's death. I just wished the original directors (who are probably long gone dead) feel ashamed for what they have done. James Hardie were very reluctant to remove asbestos from their product. It was their best binder for their fibro.

    I have a very deep HATRED towards James Hardie. I hate multi-nationals but my hatred towards James Hardie is probably the most intense (besides BHP).

    FCUK YOU James Hardie

    smee, I share your feelings about f$%$king James Hardie. When I did my industrial training with them back in the late 80s/early 90s, I met some fcuked up directors who had appalling attitudes towards its own workforce. Luckily for me, it was a very short stint plus James Hardie cleaned up its factory. I still could not believe that sales persons, managers, etc were bemoaning the fact that their fibro was not as good as ther were back in the "good old days". -- who f%$king cares --- the good old days fibro kills!!!
  19. +1, maybe +100 on your feelings smee
  20. NSW Parliament honours Bernie Banton

    A minute's silence has been held in the New South Wales
    Parliament for asbestos diseases campaigner Bernie Banton.

    Mr Banton, who was diagnosed with the virulent stomach cancer
    peritoneal mesothelioma in August this year, was a long-time
    sufferer of the lung condition asbestosis and asbestos-related
    pleural disease (ARPD).

    He passed away at home at about 1:00am AEDT today. He was

    His family has accepted the offer from the New South Wales
    Government of a state funeral.

    Premier Morris Iemma has told Parliament Mr Banton will not
    be forgotten.

    "It was his transparent courage, his obvious suffering and his
    imminent mortality that brought him to the affections of so many,"

    he said.

    "It gave his campaign the moral firepower that alone could humble
    a corporate giant."