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Bernard Tomic.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I was wondering the same thing i guess when you got plenty of cash you can do what you want.
  2. plus now he's saying the Police are harrassing him because he 'doesn't look Australian'

    pampered princesses make me sick
  3. i think the more appropriate question here is how could someone want to do that to a new bmw? before even turning the key this guy is commiting all sorts of crimes against fashion, common sense and decency.
  4. Do what to a new bmw ?
  5. Bernard who?????
  6. apparently he is allowed to drive that very high powered car whilst on his P's...........................I guess there is one set of rules for the wealthy and one for everyday joes like you and me.
  7. Yeah there is a way to get special leave of the standard P plate regs in relation to the sort of car you can drive but it is generally because the family has an unapproved car and it would cause too much financial hardship for the family and enforcing it would be unfair or something along those lines - I can't be bothered looking it up.

    When you do have a look at some of the cars that have been approved though (and the people) such as a ferrari, you soon become a bit frustrated with the BS.

    EDIT: I note the pictures are from 7 - was this the first media outlet to report it? Seems lucky that a photographer was on the spot and recognised this person. Is this how we make up for an aussie no longer being in the open?
  8. He is only approved to drive the car to the tennis and back. Thats why the cops booked him becuase he was just driving it around all the time. The car is sooo conspicuous as well.
  9. Is he a netball player?
  10. bowls I think, goz
  11. If the family can afford an M3 then they can afford to get him a beater car.................who here has an old man or a family member with a non LAMS motorbike yet still stuck riding around in a LAMS bike?

    Its a shitty rule, everyone should be treated the same way.
  12. Everyone should be treated to the same standards, i don't give a shit if hes good at hitting a yellow ball and moaning like a biatch, he should be subjected to the same conditions as all p players.. and should have bought another car, the fact is hes aloud to drive it to practice and back, and then whinges that the police want to fine him, for driving it around after practice...

    what a joke.. the police are probably like who gave this kid the option? what a crock of shit, special treatment for rich people.. **** off..
  13. In his case....

    P stands for PRINCESS...

    P stands for POSER.....

    P stands for PTOSSER
  14. The poor will always whinge!! If you can afford nice cars why would someone buy something cheap?
  15. Only people who should have those exceotions is mechanics. Some of the apprentices I know need them, so they can work on and move the sports cars.
  16. I agree with that.........people who actually need a certain type of car to do their work i.e. towing a car etc...........

    I dont think a cashed up tennis player needs to hoon around in a high powered sportscar to do his job properly.
  17. Why is this even news? Basically who gives a fuck. I'm sure there were far more important things happening in the world that the news programs could have covered.
  18. Who said he is hooning? What is hooning? Am I a hoon because I have a fastish modified brand new car? Is every bike rider who puts a loud exhaust on their bike a hoon?

    This label really pisses me of, the uneducated throw it around like the silly pricks on ACA.