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bermi-tathra loop

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by _joel_, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. well, what a day.

    we set off at 9am from Mogo and headed south on the princes highway.


    CBR1000FH - me :p
    Trumpy ST
    Trumpy Daytona
    HD FatBoy

    yes, what a lovely contrast in bikes!

    anyhow, the weather stared out ok with a little wind but plenty warm enough.
    we had a short stop at narooma for fuel etc and then carried on south the the wallaga lake turn off. thats where the fun begins.
    the road is pretty good as far as traction etc. goes but is a fairly primitive surfacing with some bumps that just pop-up and scare the jeebz outta you.
    down through beauty point, fairhaven and then in to bermagui.

    we regrouped at bermi BP and had a few jokes about the ride so far, like when we went across wallaga lake bridge and i overtook just as a massive gust of wind blew and i had to stand on my footpeg to pull my baby back in to my own lane :oops:

    then set off to tathra.
    WOW, since the new seal has been done there (by me ;) )it is just fantastic. the twisties go for around 30km solid and trust me you have to work for them. i had a few "oh shit" moments with a couple of the closing apex off camber corners but got through in the end without hitting the paint.
    the poor ol' daytona wasnt so lucky, on one of the above corners he came in a little hot (tailing the vfr) couldnt commit, stood her up and straight lined in to the gravel for a low speed off. cosmetic and pride damage is all that was sustained - although after a good nights sleep i am sure there will be ouchy's.

    hey Loz, were you anywhere near tathra today? just curious :LOL: :p

    arrive at tathra pub and sit on the glorious deck and watch the world go by whilst discussing the art of fairing repair to poor mr daytona.

    after a nice rest we ventured down to the warf.....magnificent :)
    on the way up the hill some fool on a cbr popped a lil' one and brought the front down very hard when he ran out of road.....new fork seals will be ordered tomorrow :? :roll:

    then we hit the road back to bermi.
    sometimes you hammer through some twisties and then on the way back its easy as pie....not bermi tathra rd. as mentioned down hill off camber closing apex corners just seem to be the order of the day. when we hit bermi i was starting to feel the fatigue so we stopped in at horseshoe bay hotel for a counter meal.
    lovely hospitality, lovely pub and perfect cheap lunch :grin:

    after resting tired bones and a little reassurance for mr daytona we started the final leg.
    it was nuts, insane and very naughty all at once, there is just something about riding with these guys, no honest we went 100km/h all the way :shock: :roll: :p

    just got home in time to miss the change in weather which brought some rain :woot:

    a lovely day was had by all except probably the fatboy who kinda needs new mufflers after keeping up with the rest :rofl: but hey, at least he gave it some ;)

    so to those that havent done the bermi-tathra run, its a must but be careful and do your own pace, its not a race and will get you :grin:
  2. Hey joel, I've done the Bermi-Tarthra on both the sealed and unsealed road, you're right, it's a great trip. I was down that way last week, did the Bermi-Cobargo road, when are you going to paint the bloody road? :wink:
  3. paint? we dont paint :LOL:

    usually bazza from bvsc likes to leave a seal for about 3months before linemarking so the lines dont flick off as the stone rolls around finding its final resting place in the mosaic (or someones windshield ;) )