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Bermagui to Bega coast road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by TarmacSamurai, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Is this road any good? Mrs Samurai and I are going away for the weekend next week and staying at Brogo. We were thinking of looping around to Brogo via Bermagui and Bega then back up the Prices Hwy. Any opinions?

  2. Is it anygood is an understatement.

    The Bermagui - Tathra road (since being sealed) is one of the nicest pieces of road around anywhere.

    It has a great mix of tight corners, decreasing radius corners, sweepers and undulations all with amazing views out and through the ocean or farmland. If leaving Bermagui the first 10 - 15 kms may not seem inspiring, but wait as soon you will realise what I am saying.

  3. It's a great road; lots of good sweepers and a few tight stop-corners onto some narrow bridges, and the scenery over the ocean to your left is just fabulous.
  4. nah it's crap avoid it :p
  5. Not too much traffic, plenty of corners, just above average road surface - but some great views

  6. It's lots of fun :grin:
  7. It's bloody brilliant mate :grin:
  8. Right, well that's that decided then! Mrs Samurai are celebrating or tenth anniversary and we've got a nice little place for the weekend in Brogo. Might have to go via Bermagui and Tathra. Or perhaps we'll just take a blat out there the second day.

    Thanks guys.
  9. I have added my bit about the Bermagui - Tathra road earlier but why not continue to Bega, head south on the highway (locals may know alternates) and find the road to Wyndham - Cathcart which is a wicked piece of twisties (not sure of surface). I believe (again local help required0 that there is a link road between the Wyndham-Cathcart road that then doubles back to Brown mountain, even if not continue to Bombala and head back to Brown mountain for the descent.

    All this would be an easy day rid from Brogo and a glorious round trip of the area with its roads and views.

    IMO, whilst people rightfully rave about the Snowies, this area around Bega is easily the eaual (and IMO better0 that the likes of the Putty/Oxley etc as it affords great alternatoves.

    Either way, have fun, take it easy and congrats on the tenth

  10. I have constructed, and/or sealed every lineal metre of that road. The surface is good, some problem areas (due to moisture in the pavement) but all-in-all it is a fantastic ride.
    We will be resurfacing the southern end either side of the Bega River Bridge in the near future, so lemme know when you are heading that way and I'll make sure it's swept :)