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Berik GPX boots

Discussion in 'Boots' started by Tas man, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I bought a pair of these boots as they were some of the most comfortable I tried. I was happy with the fit, protection, and after a short stint in Hobart autumn, their waterproof-ness too.

    Unfortunately about 4 to 5 days after purchase it all started to go bad. There is a small elasticised stretch panel on the inner ankle adjacent to the zipper. This panel tore open. The dealer ordered another pair (he was out of stock in my size) but when they arrived and he checked them, they were already torn in the same place. Checked two more pairs from stock and all were the same.

    The sales rep arrived early the following week (thankfully) and the rep arranged for another pair to be expedited down to us. When unpacked, the latest arrivals were also torn.

    I've now got a lovely pair of A* waterproof sport touring boots.

    The dealer was wonderful through the saga and I will continue to shop with them. I guess it helps when you try and build a good, ongoing relationship with a dealer - they want to look after you because you are repeat business.