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Berik any good?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by btam, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    looking for a perforated leather all season jacket to upgrade from my starting gear... will be getting another waterproof cover i can fit in the back of the bike on top for wet weather...

    Had really good service on a shop in melbourne.. wondering if the more experienced knows anything about the brand Berik? Heard of alpinestar, shift, dainese etc.. how does Berik compare for price to quality?

    Can't seem to find a main site like the other brands online... the quality seems reallly nice and the price was around the 600 mark. I have a small frame so if anyone could suggest other brands i should look at.. pleast do.


  2. Their website is http://www.madif.com Kind of hard to find if you don't know it. They make Arlen Ness + Berik Leathers. I've had a Berik one-piece suit a couple of years ago. It was great never had any dramas with it. Seems comparable with the big name brands but usually a little cheaper.
    The AUS distributor is http://www.ficeda.com.au
  3. Just buy AlpineStar or Dainese.
  4. Did you try it on
    You say you have a small frame im not sure if they have under size 38 so they. May be too big
  5. Can't "just by Alpinestar and dainese" coz the guy said alpinestar wont' fit me.. and dainese was the only one that would fit (which i tried on and felt nice mind you) but costed 1k + just for the jacket coz of the specs i was asking for.. i.e. all season perforated leather jacket type..

    Cheers for that..no wonder why i couldn't find it :) Spent aaaaaaaaaaaagggeeeesss googling

    Yeah I do, the one i tried on was a size 38 I THINK... seems ok... but then someone said it should be skin tight almost so the "stretch panels" are used properly and it's meant to feel like a second skin.. but then i was only wearing a t-shirt under so i'm not sure how it's meant to fit given it'll be for my first leather jacket...

    Cheers for the help all :)
  6. If its loose its too big you could look at geting a jacket made
    There are other brands that have smaller jackets too
  7. Hrmm ok.. so basically no wriggle room.. i take it it should be snug without the liner.. and then fairly well.. tight with it since it'll wear in a little after some use?
  8. Berik make nice stuff, the main thing when choosing a jascket is making sure its a good fit.

    You may want to reconsider whether you go for a perforated jacket or not, I have a Dainese perforated jacket and pants and even with thermals on you REALLY feel the cold!, strangely enough I don't find the perforations make a massive difference in hotter weather compared to a non vented jacket I have.

    If you do got vented either get a jacket with a removeable quilted liner (my jacket has a removeable one with full sleeves, in winter I can ride in a t-shirt with it in, however it is a bit bulky) or if you are looking at ones without a liner make sure you allow enough room for thermals or a hoody underneath. To ride your best you need to be comfortable, I find to hard to concentrate when I'm freezing my arse off!

    Also allow for a back protector too, it's a good idea to take a hoody and try on a back protector while you are at the store, the jacket should be a close fit but still comfortable and should not impede your movement...it doesn't need to be skin tight just not loose and sloppy
  9. I've got one of these

    Nice n heavy, fits well and I've worn it all summer and through winter in the rain I'm yet to find a fault with it.
  10. Or just Dainese.

    I used to think A* and Dainese jackets are very similar in quality but you pay more for the Dainese brand. But after wearing an A* jacket for some time then trying on a Dainese, oh boy, what a difference!

    From now on I will only buy Dainese when it comes to motorcycle leather jacket.

    If you know your sizing, you can get the 2011 Dainese Rebel (perforated) from Bimoto for AU$650 including shipping.

    Btw, Dainese jackets use 2 grades of leather, the entry jackets use normal leather. The premium jackets use D-Skin leather (whatever that means) and that's what you want. If you are going for Dainese then make sure it's the D-Skin leather.
  11. Cool ok... yeah i think i'm going to go vented with quilted liner... i'm not too fussed with the cold.. ride all weather in Canberra before :) so its all good...

    Yeah I THINK thats the one I tried on... seemed solid... how often do you treat the leather?

    Well the Dainese I was told had cow or kangaroo hide.. and the roo one was heaps more expensive.. As for ordering online.. I can't.. clothing just has never agreed with me since forever.. so i never buy anything of the net nemore.. gotta try it at the store ... sigh..

    Neway i think i know what i'm lookin for now.. cheers.. Off to buy shiny new toys.. OH YEAH!! ;)
  12. I actually rated my one piece Berik Suit better than my current two piece Dainese. Neither was cheap Berik about $1400 Dainese about $1700. Berik fit/comfort was a little bit better, quality was much the same. Berik held up well to a couple of offs on track, sold it to a mate over a year ago as I stopped doing trackdays and he still uses it. Looking at getting another one piece to do trackdays again and will definately try on the Berik stuff again plus a few others of course :p
  13. Sweetie I know it probably a frivolous question but what is your budget?
  14. Umm well I was putting more thought about maximising my safety coz unlike the average joe...i don't think motorcycle riding is going to be too good for my already sub standard health..... but i kinda like it.....so yeah ](*,)..

    Hopefully I can get a full set of gear with about 2k...

    Atm.. i'm guessing:

    Berik Jacket 580
    Pants (haven't figured out which but was going to go with maybe berik leather of some sort) 400
    OGK Helmet 550
    Gloves - 130
    Boots - something that'll sort out extreme chicken legged people 300

    Sigh.. wish i was built more for this sport and clothing was easier to find :) hehehe

    Have I estimated enough or you reckon i should downgrade some of the gear to hit my budget?
  15. A friend I ride with bought a Berik 2 pce suit, Im not sure which style but its nearly all white, he loves it and it was about $900, said he got it cheap somehow.
    Just curious how big are you? Im about 5'10" and about 70kg and find myself in small/medium gear but it never seems to fit quite right... my shift leather jacket is a small and is great around the body but feels too short at the waist and arms... any kind of pants are too short at the ankle but too large around the waist... Ive had two pairs of summer gloves (size L) which the velcro wrist closures weren't tight... the only pair of boots that fit my feet size AND my ankle seem to be sidis... Its really frustrating.
    I wonder what are the perfect dimensions gear is made for? lol
  16. Sweetie have you estimated enough?
    In short yes you have, now it's time to start boxing clever........
    Darling as mentioned in another thread the little Aussie battler is very robust currently (sugarplums mark my words around the 3rd week of November it will be at 83 cents)

    Sugarplum you need to get online and let your fingers start twiddling. It's all in the research sweetie, fit locally buy internationally......remember to keep each purchase under $1000 so that you don't get hit with duty.

    Sugarplum buying a helmet in, is problematic, no AS Sticker.......I applaud your choice of OGK it's a delicious buy for the money and the one touch visor release is a godsend.

    Try the Helmet Warehouse.....
  17. @btam I've treated it once in 9 months and it came up all right considering how dirty it was. I've got some Berik boots as well and after my little off last weekend they held up great. They aren't the most comfortable to walk around on for long periods of time though but cost me about $270 I think from Yamaha City
  18. One of the guys on here has a Berik full race suit. Shoot him a PM and I'm sure he will tell you all about it. His handle is repsi, I believe.
  19. Berik is not bad value but all suits/jackets have different fit characteristics so be sure to try lots of brands and styles then buy the one that fits you best. For instance amour doesn't help you if it has moved out of place when you hit the ground.
  20. Hey Beza,
    Have one of these also (gold/white/fluoro red). Love it !
    Nice having a different colour to break up the all-out mean look of my black MX1 ;)