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Beowulf - Worth the wait

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. After almost getting a couple of different slip on cans at various times over the past 20 months or so a couple of weeks ago I settled on a Beowulf Oval CF unit.

    It arrived from England in 8 days and took about 30 minutes to fit with most of that being getting out the woven gasket from the stocker without breaking it. The Beowulf is very well made with quality fittings and beautiful TIG welded seams.

    To say I'm happy with the look and sound is an understatement. I think it looks great, sounds fantastic and the engine is much more willing to rev and its 9.5kg lighter than the original. Without any other mods there is a slight performance gain but I didn’t buy it for that so it's a bonus.

    At idle there is not much difference with the baffle in or out but wind it up and there is a big difference. The baffle is out at the moment but it may go back in for a long trip.

    Just thought I'd share. Happy to discuss if anyone has any questions.

    Video Here
  2. looks good :)
  3. Sounds GREAT
  4. Great get Chris.
    I have been waiting to see which way you would go.
    I would apreciate a pm on the details please mate as that will do me also,I noticed the centre stand stop is the OEM is that right? as others have wanted a different set up.
    cheers and well done
  5. Nice one, looks and sounds so much better!
  6. I had seen that thread but thought they were worth the "risk". I can only say again that the can I received appears to be very well built and I am quite fussy.

    I can however vouch for their lack of "customer service". My advice to anyone is ask all the questions you like before parting with your money as they don’t answer emails after the exchange (or don’t to me anyway). How that differs to any other OS exhaust retailer I don’t know. Knowing what I know now I would still buy from them.

    Still rapt with mine and they are very popular in England and Europe. The can will (should) outlast me and this bikes relationship.