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Bentleigh Riders Converge!! (or if your in close vicinity)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ZacAttack, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Hopefully this will get the attention of other Bike enthusiasts that live in or around Bentleigh.

    First a quick background sob story, a while back I caught the bug to get off the 4 wheels and ride on two (then someone suggested I get a motorcycle - :LOL: ). Went on a Learners Loop where I met heaps of great people not too long ago and just when I thought riding was awesome, nothing tops it off then riding with other people that share the joy.

    Then I came back and unfortunately none of my other friends ride. On the weekend I went up to Arthur’s seat and although an enjoyable ride, it felt a little lonely :cry:

    So here I am, seeing if there are others here that live close to me and would like to get together once in a while and enjoy a ride outta town or just to a local cafe or if there is anyone that already does this in the area and I can join in.

    Letting all know I’m only a Learner and therefore have a 250 at this stage.
  2. Hey ZacAttack,

    Check out this to find like minded individuals at our many and varied coffee nights.
  3. Heading off to the Historic car races at Phillip Island on Sunday.

    You are welcome to join me on the ride.
    I am in FTG, but we can find somewhere to meet.

    I am leaving about 7am on Sunday.

    There are always pleanty of rozzers on the roads when the historics are on, so your 250 will be able to keep up - Won't be hooning.

    Give me a pm if this is what you are looking for.
  4. Hey there ZacAttack,

    I live around the corner in Hampton East...
    I would recomend that you come to the thurs mystery night rides!

    They're awesone fun, learner friendly and always a decent burn around Melb...

  5. Sounds like fun!
  6. Thanks Templemonkey and Miss_Dj

    i can't make it this thurs but will make it for next week.

    Peter-reebok, thanks for the invite but with a wedding to attend i won't be able to make it. But let me know if your going to go somewhere again, where is FTG?

    I'm itching to ride but this weekend is filled with birthdays and weddings, don't these people understand i need riding time :grin:

    Can't wait till next thurs now!
  7. FTG = Ferntree Gully...or so I'm guessing ;)

    I"m in Frankston, but am happy to ride up and go somewhere :)
  8. zac I HIGHLY recommend the thursday night mystery rides. dj and i are from your vacinity and often go on these. Otherwise im down for a jolt with some bentleigh riders if you wanna organise an event! :p :cool:
  9. After reading a bit of the thread from the thurs mystery rides, it sounds like its not too miss fastkid.

    but if i think up of a ride a different time i will definetly pm you fastkid and Miss_Dj and anyone else who is interested.

    What a great place NR is......i wouldn't have even the slightest of oportunites to meet and go on rides with everyone
  10. Hey Zac, I always look to the vic ride an events board as a start, but I'f your free and you want to go on a short or long ride feel free to PM me as well. Any excuse for a ride :)
  11. Thanks Mach, i'll definitely take you up on that!