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bent swingarm!!!!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by adnan12, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. I accidently bent a swingarm and getting a roadworthy soon :mad: , will the bent swing arm hinder me from getting a rwc? It's not too bad, but im just a little worried.

  2. If it's noticeable then yeah probably, and given how much input a swingarm has on the bikes control, I'd say you're a fool for trying to get RWC with it bent anyway!
  3. Bend or dint? I cant begin to imagine what you were doing that couldve bent your swingarm. If its just a little dint then I dont think you'll have many issues. If its "bent", throw it away and scan the wreckers for another one.
  4. If a swingarm is bent, then surely something else would be damaged as well, swing-arm pivot, frame holding said pivot, etc??
  5. Actually it wasn't bent at all :oops: , I was takinga tyre off and thought I bent it, feel free to abuse me :grin:
  6. So that's all straightened out now :LOL:
  7. You just couldn't help yourself, eh Hornet? :p
  8. Why were you taking the tyre off when the wheel was still on the bike??
  9. sigh, what can I say? I really do restrain myself from making flippant comments about lots of posts, you know, honest :grin:
  10. Bent swing arm taking a tyre of ???? what a malvern star
  11. Boom Boom!

  12. hahah, i'm new to biking alright :p, it's the first time I took a tyre off