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Bent subframe

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by R66, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    I am assuming this is the best section to ask about teh above topic.
    (i think thats what you call them, sorry new to this bike game) basically talking about the rear frame which the rear fairing and seat are fastened too!

    Anyway I have had a search and still cant pin point what Iam after!

    My bike is a 1999 R6, there rear subframe is bent, it must have been caused by dropping it (I wanst on the bike, it was literally onits stand but not properly and it fell over) can post some pics soon!

    I am just after advise - whether they can be repaired/straightened or do I need a new one/good second hand one? If so what dollars are they worth? and how available are they?

    Any comments much appreciated!
  2. they are non structural, just pull the fairing off and straighten it if it's only minor bend. Just have a good check for any cracks, stress fractures etc :)
  3. Hello all - got a bent subframe on my TTR250.

    I bought a bike trailer and was practicing riding up the ramp when WHOOPS! Bike flipped and landed on the rear mudguard, which bent the subframe and now the mudguard is touching the muffler.

    I can see where it bent as the paint has chipped and flaked off right next to a weld joining the tube frame with a bracing section. I've removed the seat and mudguard, and when I took off the grab handle mounted just under the mudguard on the right-hand side (spanning the bent section), it went "pop" and now I can see that the grab handle was under some compression (and saved the frame from being bent even more). The short version is that I can't put the grab handle back on without straightening the bent subframe - the distance between the mounting points for the grab handle is short about 5 or 6mm - so I ask: how to straighten the frame tubing without a) cracking the nearby weld, and/or b) cracking the tube itself?

    I don't have a welding kit or welding skills, so I can't try heating the tube to ease it back. I suppose the best thing is to take it to my local yamaha dealer or off-road specialist?