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Bent rim (advice needed)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fred_kroft, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. Hi All

    When I was in town today, I hit a sunken man hole (as they
    seem to do in Adelaide). Have a look--


    The man hole was sharply sucken by about 10cm i guess.

    Front and rear rims have the same about of damage. I was gassing
    it out of an intersection and I hit it at about 120K I think (it was
    full wellies in 1st gear). After a god all mighty CLUNK, my arse
    shot up about a 45 degree incline. I have hit big bumps in the
    hills, but *** me dead, this was a big mother. It wasn't there 6 months
    before. It just shows you how shite Adelaide roads can be and
    how their condtions can just change on you.

    (The KTM SD is looking REALLY good as the moment).

    Anyway.. apart from the new pair of underwear, has anyone
    been in this situation ?. Are the rims rooted or can they be
    reconditioned ?

    Nb/ I am absolutely amazed that I didn't blow a tyre or wipe out the
    motors bottom end.


  2. If it was me i would be getting on to the stupid council or your roads people. Dont tell em how quick you were going, but tell em due to there shit house rds you now have 2 bent rims and you want compensation..
  3. You should be able to go the council for costs.. I think. Try them see what happens.
  4. definately get onto the council, thats some serious bent rim for a goddamn pothole :shock:

    i know steel rims for cars can be straightened, but alloys on a bike :?: nfi. probly best to change the tyres too, they might have had a nasty pinch there, you dont want them letting go round your favorite corner eh :?
  5. Vic, you are are not a well man!! Have you forgot to take your medication again ??
  6. Check with your local motoring organisation (like our NRMA) and see if they have a procedure that car drivers can use in similar circumstances.....
  7. Laurie Alderton
    10 Long St Smithfield 2164 (02) 9609 2889

    Sent the rim up to him.
    Will repair and true the wheel.
    Good guy who knows his stuff.
  8. Vic, can you get me one of those, preferably with a pearl or woodgrain handle.
  9. Thanks Oz ;). Well that's good. I am glad it is possible to

    (Coconuts-- the front tyre needs replacing anyway.. so
    that will get replaced)

    I'll first see if I can get it done in Adelaide (I'm sure there
    would be a big business in Adelaide with sh**ty roads they
    have here).

    The only bugger is that I want to trade in my bike
    soon... so, It's a bugger that I have to fix this (or
    front up to the dealer with this problem).

    As for blaming the council, this is my concept--
    I was doing ~120 in a 50 zone. I was breaking the
    law. I don't know if anyone has this view (maybe not)
    but I believe in people taking responsibility for their actions.

    I am thankful, because if I was not straightened up (ie--
    hitting it during cornering), then I wouldn't be here typing
    this now (it would be "re: I've done a Cropper" hopefully
    sometime mid-year when I got out of hospital). I'm very
    lucky not to have come off.

    I think I will wear this one ;)
  10. Yes, I had 4 glasses of my own bathwater :shock: :shock:
  11. Awesome gun mate let me tell you.

    So light, forget that you even have it on. It really is a joy to use killing some paper.
  12. Hi Fred
    Check out Adelaide Wheel & Rim Works. South Rd , Richmond.
  13. Yes Vic is the man who can get you things ;)

    er Vic, I'm still waiting for my metal wand thingy :grin:
  14. definitely go to the council... thats definitely a case for negligance :p
  15. Cool ;). Thanks sleepa ;)

    Vic-- From a financial point of view, I feel like using the gun on myself.
    During the stoppie-like maneuver, I was thinking "this no cheap".
  16. Anyone know of anywhere in Victoria that can sort out rims?

    I've got a nice one to deal with as well after my antics.
  17. Sorry, Dan...
    I sent my stuff up to Laurie...as most tradies do here in Melb.
    The quality of job is the key, the postage back/ forth negligable (considering a new wheel at $1000upwards).
    Turnaround usually about 5-14 days, depending on how busy they are.
    Your choice of having it repaired and trued only, or completely re-finished/ painted/polished/powerdercoated/ whatever.
    Anything remotely tricky, and Bobby Martin keeps their hands off it.
    They also haven't got all the tooling needed for trueing.
  18. That's a great and fair attitude to have. But you might save somebody else an off (think scooter with little wheels etc) by reporting it at least. Personally I'd go in report it, take in some bills and photos and see what swings.. never know your luck.