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Bent key, now lost the spare! I found it :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by starlet, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. :evil:

    I'm really pi$$ed off with myself! Last Friday while filling up at the servo, I had my key in the fuel cap sitting on the seat and it fell on the ground. I picked the fuel cap off the ground to find my key bent at a 90 degree angle stuck inside!! :shock: We managed to bend it back the other way to get it out and after 40 mins of trying to straighten the stupid thing, it just wouldn't fit in the ignition. Lucky, I wasn't far from home and Stealthassassin kindly went home and got me the spare.

    This morning, I'm all ready to go to work - put my jacket on and slip my hand in the right pocket (where I ALWAYS put the key) and it's not there :shock: I look around the house, but can't find it so I run down to the garage hoping I have left it in the ignition but no. It's no where to be found :cry:

    The problem is, the spare key I lost had the numbers on it (I think that's what tells the locksmith how to cut it?)... I now only have the crappy bent key and am hoping that I can get a locksmith to fix it and cut it for me; or better yet I hope I find it [-o<

    So I had to go back upstairs, get changed and get in the car to go to work.... I get to work and realise my pass to get in is in my motorbike jacket :mad:

    Arrrrggggghhhhh what a crappy morning!!
  2. I think you need one of those wistle key chains, where you wistle or clap and they start beeping

    Just go to honda with your rego papers give them your vin and they will make a new key for you (they have your records)
  3. I'm not normally one to lose things.... and this sucks that I've managed to ruin/lose BOTH!

    So, should I go to the place I bought my bike from?

    BTW, that whistle chain sounds like what I need :oops:
  4. That SUCKS!
    Sorry Starlet :cry:
    When you can .. perhaps get 3 keys cut, ( 2 spares ) keep one spare hidden on the bike somewhere. ??
  5. Thanks VCM - I just can't believe how this could all happen in less than a week!

    I just called Sydney City Motorcycles (where I bought my bike from) and the service centre had a record of the key number which they gave me over the phone without asking for any details other than the rego number :? I thought that was a bit strange....
    Hopefully the key that gets cut is good... but I still want the orginal. I'm hoping one of my neighbours found it on the stairs somewhere, I'm going to ask when I get home.

    On a better note, on the way to work I moved over for an old dude on a Harley and he gave me a nod :)
  6. Lets hope you find that key :wink:
    There ya go .. things are begining to look better already :grin:
  7. I had this same concern when I rang my Yamaha dealer for key details.
    So in reality, all it takes is for someone to write down your rego and ring up, bingo, key cut and bike stolen :? :evil:
  8. Yeah, I was waiting on the line for the lady to start asking me for AT LEAST a name... but nothing.

    I wonder if someone did do that and stole the bike if that's covered by insurance?
  9. Happy to be corrected but I'm pretty sure the key number is just for the blank, you still need to get the key itself cut for the ignition barrel.

    I've lost keys sooooo many times, but in cars. I've just pulled the barrel out of the door and had the key cut from that, costs like $20. And they didn't even ask for any ID or registration details at all!! :shock:
  10. How much are we looking at to get a new key cut? Unfortunately i lost my key and I'm now down to one, so i think i better go get one cut.
  11. Shouldn't be too much. Ring dealer you bought it from / a dealer of the bikes brand and they can get you the key number info you need to get it cut.
  12. I rang the locksmith, told him the key details that yamaha had provided, drove over and picked up 2 keys later that day. :?
  13. So much for the art of hotwiring

    The theaves can get a fresh cut key these days :mad: :evil:
  14. Damn that sucks Starlet.. wanna borrow my key? i'm sure it'll work :grin:
  15. Thanks for the offer, I'll try it just out of curiosity next time :LOL:

    I just went home to check again and I can't find the bugger! I think either someone's picked it up and either chucked it out or hopefully placed it somewhere I'll find it OR it's somewhere so obvious and I'm going to slap myself when I find it ](*,)
  16. maybe i should take my spare key off the same keyring as my original key :oops: :LOL: :LOL: :grin:
  17. lol, now there's an idea :)

    Either that... or get another spare cut.
  18. Ive written the key number in the bikes owners manual, ive never had to replace a lost key, so dont know if this will be enough :?
  19. Well, after getting the code from my honda dealer I got another key cut at the locksmith... but they just used the bent key I had and not the code??

    Still can't find the other key, but when I do *shakes fist*
  20. Hopefully you didn't leave the spare in the ignition barrel and your bike goes for a ride by itself when you are not around.