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bent forks

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Motobike_Mike, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. is it worth getting bent forks straightened or should i just replace them?


  2. depends how bent they are,
    also its 6 times cheaper to get them straightened over buying 2nd hand ones.
  3. i posted this thread on my brothers computer and his account was signed in.

    but theyre bent at roughly about 10 - 15 degrees im guessing.

    the front wheel is touching the exhaust headers.
  4. Any metal that has been bent and then straightened is weaker than the original. You're going to ride the bike, it's your call.
  5. If there are any kinks in the tubes, they're stuffed. If it's a smooth bend, they can be straightened by any workshop with the right equipment (basically bloody great press and either a lathe or a big surface plate to check for straightness).

    Forks bent back far enough for the wheel to touch engine and exhaust are probably kinked under the bottom yoke though. It's not possible to say definitively without seeing them.
  6. IF it's just the tubes, not the boots, you might pick some up cheaply. Check around with the wreckers. 10-15 degrees is a fair old bend.
  7. if you take them in, they should tell you IF they can be straighten and how much.... i had one straightened a while back cost me 80.00 drained straighten and refilled :)
  8. +1
    generally the best option to have them straightened, unless of course they are banana shaped
  9. If they've been bent that far, be a good idea get the triple clamps checked out, as well as the front rim. The frame could also bent outta shape too!
  10. hmm ok ill take it to a mechanic and see if he can straighten them. it seems like the budget option for a learner bike.

    they dont seem to be kinked either, and from what other people have said ill get him to check the frame / triple clamps too.

    cheers fellers