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Bent forks - cb250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gaza01, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. After a little incident with a wall and my cb, the front forks have come off second best and are bent pretty bad. It seems to be just where they meet up at the triangle tree fork whatever it's called under the headlight.

    eBay has only come up with a rusty set and a 1977 model set (mines 2001). Even worse I was quoted 800 for new ones. Are these my only options? Is it possible to replace the bent poles only?

    I Appreciate any help!

  2. get them straightened, I am sure some sydney folk will recommendations for you, patience is a virtue.
  3. I had asked the wrecker after he told me how much they cost new, he said its not a good option. I was hoping to use the poles from the 77 model or some other if possible.

    If anyone knows of places where i can get them straightened, i'd love to know!
  4. mmmmmm icypoles yum
  5. 1977 CB250 is a completely different animal from the early 90s onwards model which, II assume, you own. There will be no parts interchangeability.

    I'm surprised you can't find much secondhand for something as common as muck as the CB250. Try ringing a few more wreckers.

    Straightening is only an option if the forks are not kinked or dented. That is, the bend must be smooth with no ripples in the metal.
  6. Try contacting VicWreck in Heidelberg Vic. They seem to have parts for most Jap bikes.
  7. I've contacted several wreckers and no dice. Unbelievable!!

    They seem to have no kinks, just a slight bend. Thanks for the advice!