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Bent clutch lever

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bulby, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    So after dropping my bike a couple of times at saturday practice session a few weeks ago, the tip of the lever broke off and I had myself a shorty lever. But then I dropped the bike again on the way home, and the lever was bent slightly downwards.

    I've checked the perch and everyrhing else. They seem to be fine.

    My question is... this might sound really dumb, so I apologise beforehand... Would it be alright to keep using the bent lever for the moment? Makes clutch control a bit trickier and adds a little more strain on my left forearm, but it doesn't seem to be affecting anything else.
  2. If the only thing broken is the lever then all that will happen is you have less leverage and as you say engaging the clutch may be a little harder and may require more effort. It won't hurt the bike. Just make sure there are no ragged edges affecting your gloves.

    New lever shouldn't cost much and only takes a few minutes to fit, when you decide to replace.
  3. Won't hurt the bike, but the distraction might be enough to cause an accident. $20 for a lever and 5 minutes to fit yourself.
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    True. It is kinda annoying since the lever actually feels like it goes further away from the bar from 3/4 of the way in to fully in, being bent.

    Thanks, guys. Was going to just sand down the jagged edge before it got bent. But I'm going to have to replace it now.
  5. And if your out for any length of time, you will feel the strain on your arm even worse than you already do.

    Spend the dollars and just change the lever....
  6. I believe having the tip off the brake or clutch lever makes the bike unroadworthy, so apart from the distraction, best just to get it replaced.
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    Getting the replacement soonish. I've actually "stocked up" on them just in case. But silly me, didn't check when I picked them up, and only realised a couple of weeks later that they weren't for the gs500/e/f.

    Lesson learnt. Never assume. Always check upon receipt.
  8. What are they for?

    I know the brake lever for my GS500 is for a Kawasaki ZXR750 (and a lot more Japanese bikes), not sure how interchangeable the clutch levers are though.
  9. The clutch lever for the GS has a small rectangular recess under it which engages with the clutch safety switch. Other levers would probably fit if you are prepared to remember not to start in gear with the clutch out. To bypass the safety switch, all you have to do is connect together the wires that normally go to the switch.
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    The other levers just won't fit though. They don't go deep enough (if that makes sense).

    Anyhow, I should have the new one by saturday =]

    And I'm now considering aftermaret levers and perches. Something like pazzo or asv.
  11. This would have taken longer that simply replacing it. :-s

    And yes as the others said, a broken lever is more work on the fingers and a roadworthy fail.