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Bens Weekly Bike Problem: Electrical: RESOLUTION

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by slickncghia, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. In this weeks segment. Ben "rides with spanners" renames his bike "fcuking biatch"

    *please no smart arse comments and appologies for it being a little all over the place

    g'day guys,

    She dosent want to start hit the magic button and not a sound.

    History: installed a new speedo a week ago and has started and run fine 10+ times since. was exposed to light rain wednesday. rode home fine wednesday arvo. Wen't to ride wednesday night and nothing.

    bike has previously been occasionally random on whether it will start seemingly an issue with the decomp lever (has a killswich on it). would always start, just occasionally needed to re-squeze the decomp lever

    battery is fine. starter motor will kick if i short out the solinoid. the main fuse is fine. apparently there is a decomp switch fuse according to the manual however i cant find one (have looked long and hard). ive tried shorting the starter switch with no difference. The starter wouldnt crank if the main kill switch wasnt working, so i assume thats fine.

    I dont know much about regulator/rectifiers does this sound like a potential issue?

    i have a feeling it might be the decomp kill switch as it was a little dicky and i have since in some late night frustration made a bit more of a mess of it. I have tried shorting this out though and no joy either. but it may need an ohm specific load??? anyone know?

    also i dont think it is the sidestand as ive had it up and down and in neutral.

    im gonna beg/borrow/steal/purchase a multimeter this sat.

    Ive been tracing wires around and it all seems as it was. there are 1 or 2 lose wires (ie unplugged) that seem to have nothing to plug into and from memory werent plugged into anything previously so im a little at odds.

    anyone have any suggestions?

    btw when the ignition is on the lights, inidicators and speedo all function normally.

    :blah: :-({|= :tantrum:

  2. It's a pretty easy one really. If the starter motor will work if you manually override the switch then you must have a short between the battery and the starter solenoid, in it's route via the switch. Note; I'm talking about the primary, low amp circuit here.

    get a multimeter on it and you should be able to find the short within a few minutes
  3. primary low amp circuit?

    so its pretty much an issue with one of the switches (neutral,starter,kill,decomp,sidestand) or a wire in between?

    thats what i was pretty much thinking. finding it is the hard bit its a jungle out there. but im off to get a multimeter (note to self: when moving house bring all tools with you) and maybe a maschete
  4. Will this help?

    Sorry do did say no smartarse comments but well this is Netrider afterall. :grin:

  5. Make sure the battery terminal connections are good too.
  6. yeah they are. ive pulled them on and off 20 times since anyway
  7. you should have 4 fuses, in the main fuse area, 2 x 20amp and 2 x 10amp.
    one of the 20amp fuses is the Main fuse, the other is for the decompression solenoid.
    if that is not blown, i would start checking switches, as you have already mentioned.
    do you have a wiring diagram? i'm only going from memory here.
  8. it has a wiring diagram...but theres lots of lines and stuff.... :p

    apparently (from the manual) the main fuse is a 20A and i cant remember what the decomp was....but there was one

    However in reality. the "fuse box" is just 1 x 15A main fust (not blown) and 1 x 15 spare...... the wiring is a bit of a jungle but im pretty sure i wouldbve seen another fuse by now if there was one.

    so not sure what to make of that...

    would you think he decomp switch be ohm's dependate? or i could just short the 2 wires and forget about it (because the switch is a little buggered now)

    Cheers mate

  9. in theory it should work, as long as it is only a switch. it wouldnt be load dependent as such, it would just be an open/close circuit that activates a relay.
    are there relays in the jungle that you can find? if so, check them. could be sticking open.

    with the multimeter though, you should find +voltage when bridging the decomp switch, with the ignition on.
    if there is no voltage present, it is further back.
  10. not sure about realays...dont think so.

    yeah i figure i just start at each switch: kill, starter and decomp and look for a positive voltage before and after and chase them back ...however i dont want to have to unwind the big main wire bus.

    would you think the sidestand/neutral switch could effect it. the instrument still picks up its in neutral fine but i suppose it could still be sending a faulty signal telling the ecu its in gear or something.

    hmmm...fun night ahead :(

    Cheers Joel

  11. LMFAO @ "matti-san" !!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. ok ok ok...hopefully someone who knows there stuff is online to read this shit tonight.

    with the ign on:

    the decomp switch is showing a helthy 12v across it (good right :))

    the starter switch however is not showing and diference over it. (now this is where you goto start paying attn)

    starter switch wires (yellow/green & orange/white)
    kill switch wires for on/run (orange/white & orange)
    ks off (black/yellow & black/white)

    take it back to the connection (which goes back through the main wiring harness eventually to the batt)

    orange & earth shows 12v
    orange & orange/white (kill switch run) shows 12V
    orange/white & earth shows 0V
    yellow/green & earth shows 0v
    orange/white & yellow/green (starter button) shows 0v

    ..... i think the starter button wires should be showing 12v all things going right yes????

    which should mean (since orange/white looks like it should be showing 0v on earth to make the KS circuit run) that yellow/green should have power to it but dosent...does that make sense

    someone...if you can decypher that let me know


  13. find the stand switch, and bridge the connection. i've just had a look at the wiring diagram (in french :LOL: lucky i am a well travelled chap) and the sidestand switch is next inline before you get to the starter.
    your tracing so far is consistent with the sidestand switch playing up.
  14. how on earth do you have a wiring diagram for a DR Big joel?????

    and im looking at it myself and ive got no idea...ill go have a look


  15. i'm lucky :cool:


    but once you get back to the PC, you'll have to go back out :LOL:
    i read the clutch position/neutral switch as the sidestand switch...heh.
    so, next in line is the clutch/neutral switch.
  16. yeah im looking at it in my manual right now. but i think it is the side stand switch thats in line

    but out on the bike im not seing a sidestand switch...mustve been removed, or im blind as a bat

    now to find the neutral switch
  17. ok im 99% sure theres no sidestand switch and what i think is the neutral switch is just 1 wire coming out of the gearbox...so im not really sure how to test that

    any ideas?
  18. oh and btw. the wiring seems to be off a DR750 (the original bike) which is slightly different to the diagram you are looking at

    if you have the same manual as me. it seems to sit best with the cable diagram for the 750. chaperter 7-11 "for others"
  19. update ...or sorts... seems to be a dodgy starter switch. after fcuking around with it i can get it to start ok after a fair bit of button bashing.

    .....but now the freeking kill switch wont work. ](*,)

    so stopping it is a matter of turning off the fuel and waiting 3mins :(

    i cant fathom why this isnt working now....all the plugs are still in. ill see if i can work out if a can take the switch out of the equation and stop it with a bit of jumpering

    if i can prove that, looks like im up for a new switch block.
  20. cant even jumper it off...

    with the switch pulled appart the orange and orange/white (run) have a 12v diferental

    however the OFF wires have no differential...should they?

    im more confused now about electics then when i started :S