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Ben's New Bike - pic & epic first ride

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by slickncghia, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. So being as there were none left in melbourne I had to go to Albury to get my new pride and Joy.

    Fast forward to Sat morning 9:30am in Albury and I am rolling out in my brand spankers 09 Buell 1125CR in midnight black.

    Not wanting to ride my brand new bike home on the fwy at 110km/h for 5 hours I decided to take the scenic route.


    It turned out to be a bit of an adventure. After a stopping a few times I headed down to wangaratta and over towards mansfield. However after taking a wrong turn or two I was starting to run a bit low on fuell. I pass 2 small towns with bowsers that are out of action. FML its still 50km to masfield.

    I go into full efficiency mode, thinking only good thoughts of mansfield and the magical fuel-station-massage-parlour complex that will tend to my bike and aching limbs.
    In all reality with a 146hp v-twin there was never any hope of making it as I couldn't help lofting the front out of corners and listening to the rumble turn into a roar.

    About 25km from mansfield the inevitable happens. ](*,)I coasted for about a Km till there was a nice visible spot to stop.

    I look in my flash new buell backpack and see the 2years free harley roadside assist booklet. Its there, Mocking me. "I knew you wouldnt make it Ben. You can't win, you must give in and ring the big strong man to come and help silly little you." :nopity:

    Now i know it wasn't actually saying this but I was pretty dehidrated and hungry at this stage. I wasn't going to be beaten, I make the difficult decision to leave my shiney new steed alone on the side of the road and make for the hills.

    Very long story short: 4 hitchhikes, a few km of walking and 2 petrol stations later I was back at the bike with some fuel in the frame and good to go.

    As a side note of dedication: I had about 100ml of water left and I was dying for a drink but I kept the water just incase i spilt petrol on my shiney new paint job. :angel:

    Throught to marysville and there is a massive amount of litter on the road. It really ruined the sweet stretch to the end of the reefton spur. At warburton I decided to stop for fuel again 8-[

    From there the skies turned pitch black and for the last hour and a half It absolutley pissed down. At this point I was slightly regretting the t-shit and leather jacket plan. Despite the Masses of power and torque it was really linnear and controllable in the wet and only spun up once, in 3rd gear when I was getting a bit quick for the conditions. Eventually I make it home, 11 hours from when I set off.

    580kms on the odo, was an amazing way get a new bike home. Even though I was aching from the sporty riding position, I have now bonded with this bike. There were times that I was one with the bike and going round those few unlittered corners it was just magic.

    Piccy: I am now totally in love with the looks of this bike. Its really grown on me and looks amazing in the flesh. Its so muscular and menacing. It looks like the result of a rotwieler violating a transformer.


    Its an amazing piece of machinery to ride. So much detail has gone into every part. Its soo powerful and so light. =D> I really cant say enough about it, Im so impressed.

    I think I will be going with the High bar option though :-({|=
  2. ahh was looking for that forum. I'm sure one of the good mods will move it for me ;)
  3. Good on ya Ben :D. Sounds like one hell of an adventure...great bonding moment.
  4. ah, the familiar joys of increasing distance and decreasing fuel :LOL:

    good to see you made it home with your spirits high and the bike unmolested (y).
  5. Welcome to v-twins and their drinking habits.

    It's a hideous looking bike, but looks are subjective and it's certainly different. I hope you continue to have much fun on it.
  6. It certainly does like its fuel. I think its aware that petrol is going out of fashion
  7. Bastard! That's from Phil's Garage, yes?

    After hearing they were going for bargain prices, I looked in their window after-hours only a week or two ago to see if they had an 1125CR, preferably black, but they only had an 1125R and a white XB12 on the floor.

    Heading South through Wodonga towards Beechworth, then across near Milawa puts you on the Whitfied-Mansfield Rd just out of Wangaratta and avoids that stretch on the Hume (unless you wanted to).

    But how did you rack up 580km for that route? That's at least 200 more than what it should be.
  8. well going from google maps that route i just drew was 550km. add a little tootling around town, the dealer test ride and it all ads up.

    Yeah from Phil's.
  9. Was it on the floor, out the back in it's box, or did they get one in for you?
  10. they only had one 09 coming in. I put a deposit down a few weeks ago and it came in this week.
  11. Bugger. They're a stellar buy at the noment, and far more impressive in person.
  12. Awesome! Did you get the $5k dealer discount that HD organised? They were going for an absolute steal. Shame Buell are gone, I really like the CRs!

    I guy I was speaking to a while ago said they get about 300 from a tank? Thats pretty nuts from a big twin.
  13. Congrats on Your new bike, looks very smick ;)
  14. yeah the melbourne dealers want 12-14k for them atm (down from 18-20k a few months ago). I got it slightly cheaper.

    300? maybe on the outside if you crawled along. mine gets 260 (and stops ](*,))
    which was 70% fwy and a little scratching and never got over 7krpm in that time. it uses between 6.5-8.5l/100km.

    btw the frame holds 20l so imagine what it would be like if it had a smaller conventional tank.
  15. If you got that bike for under 12k ride away then I say good play sir!

    I've seen it and it's uglier sibling in the flesh and while I'm no fan of the looks I have no doubt that the rotax motor is a gem.

    I reckon that if Buell had trod a more mainstream path they would still be around today... or Harley might still have been pricks and closed them down anyway.

    Either way, bargain of the week.
  16. Nice bike ;)
  17. Balltearin' bike dude. Congrats. A Buell wthout the Harley heart of glass. Brilliant.
  18. Nice bike dude! Good read too...

    Though the hitchhiking could of been spiced up and said you stopped at a farm house with a pretty farmers daughter or something... :)
  19. not a bike you see everyday :)