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Ben's new BEAST "Dizzy": Modification Thread: new

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by slickncghia, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Ben's new BEAST "Dizzy": Modification Thread: new

    Well i figure i should write up a "new bike" post to keep everyone happy.

    I've been furiously working on her in the garage since i picked her up on sunday, sorting out some carbie issues. shes come allong way but theres still some fine tuning to go. I have another set of carbies waiting to go in soon so i will be back to square one with my tuning.

    Onto the bike. She is a bit of a Bitza/Super motard/Streetfighter
    Comprising mainly of

    Frame: Suzuki DR750
    Engine: Suzuki DR800 (yep an 800cc single motard :twisted: )
    Wheels & Brakes: Ducati Monster
    Tank,Seat and Fairing: Yamaha XT
    Headlight/tailight units: Acrobis
    Front Guard: KTM something arother

    ...thats about the bulk of it.

    Basically its just an angry angry bike. with the zorst thats on it right now it wakes the neighbouring suburbs, its crazy torqey and just begs to be ridden like a hoolagin. :twisted:

    anyway there are more mods to come as im never happy leaving things the way they are.

    the list of mods to come are:
    acewell digital speedo
    bar end mirrors
    shorty clutch lever
    powder coat a few things black
    remove some crappy stickers
    replace headlights with brighter ones

    that should keep me busy for a while

    She just decided she wanted to have a nap in the driveway so the bark/pedestrian busters are gone :LOL:

    anyway its a hoot to ride and tips in amazingly quick. heres some crappy pics i have at the moment. if you wanna check her out she will be at the Thursday night mystery ride this week :biker:




    ive changed my tune from originally thinking motards would be boring...what a fool i was...oh and i know shes heavier than your husky or whatever, i dont care shes a tonne of fun :)

    edit: new pics page 4
  2. congrats thats insane, but please remove that hugger :p doesn't quite suit the look of the bike :grin:
  3. the rear one? it actually looks alot better in person. theres a few bits im undecided about whether i will keep or not.... it will all come in time

    cheers mate
  4. yeah the rear one, yeah i can understand that a few bikes that have been released of late i have hated the pics of but in the flesh it's a whole other story
  5. Looks like a metric shitload of fun. Hope you've got a comprehensive toolkit, customs need a lot of tough love and you're about to embark on a big learning process!
  6. hehe so im finding out loz :). ahh its all good fun and ill try and treat and issues as a learning curve. (touch wood)
  7. That does look like alot of fun, but yeah I would ditch the hugger too. Other than that its lovely. I wish you and your new bike many happy years of wheelstands :grin:
  8. Dr Frankenstein's got nothing on the maker of that beast... hmm, does that make you Igor? ;) Grats man.
  9. Welcome to the joy of motarding...
    Drop in at VSMR for a wealth of info...
  10. :shock:
    It's ALIVE ! ... It's ALIVE !!!! :p
    Looks like a TON of fun mate
    Well Done
  11. +1 on a huggerectomy mate!

    Could you find any seat tank combos that would give you a flatter profile from seat back to tank cap?

    Anyway, congrats. I love a frankenstein. Hope you enjoy your bike. :D
  12. I’m not sure if that bike is to be admired or not… I personally think it looks ugly as a hat full of arseholes. But…
    It also looks like a Brutal lot of fun
    It shows that when it comes to motorbikes, It don’t have to be Pretty to give you a chubby
  13. Love it, the fork gaitors are a bit suss but overall a great bike. :cool: :cool:
  14. ok ok i will reassess the hugger lol. it does look ok in person and its almost a shame to part with something someone went to alot of trouble putting on.

    still not spot on with the tuning as i found out on the hume this morning lol :)

    yeah when i first saw her in pictures i was verry unsure about the looks to be honest however after seing her in person i was sold.

    cheers for the kind words... and yes already some verry dodgy scary first gear wheelies have been seen in the general viscinity of this bike.
  15. PFFT I like the hugger
  16. Love it! Looks like lots of fun. Congrats. :grin:
  17. doesn't look like much, but i reckon it would be one hella of a fun ride :wink:
  18. Smile, you just got passed by a dirt bike :LOL:
  19. I don't! I think they look hot...and bad fun... :twisted: :p